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George Eddie Burks

Acculturations andTerms Of Maturity For The Accepted Respect.

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From the files of

Geo. E. Burks/344-64-4917

19 Clinton #E

Bangor, ME. 04401


Whims’ Call And Some Sense.

New Translations From Etches On Faces. (working title)

Culturo-linguistics Works By Geo. E. Burks.

PT.2: Life Scenes: Poise and Purity Between Every-way People.

CH. I: In Love Play and Love In Play.

DRAFT. A prose by Geo. Burks.

{KEY: Any four consecutive lines can describe a relationship

you having with each of the persons you have known or have met in life.}


1. The precarious allowed boundaries of love’s play.

2. Infatuation, platonic, kindred, matrimony or irrespective.

3. All beg to differ on where its set borders’ are kept at bay.

4. Most are blind of its truthfulness within its depth’s directive

In Love Prospectives

5. Being in love is the most misunderstood charm.

6. It carry a veil of complexities that are mis-instrued as taboo.

7. For the human nature is viewed with un-wanton alarm.

8. Its the disrespect of the nurtured ones leading ado.

Defining Infatuation

9. The most innocent compliment that has much potential.

10. An admiration’s which vulnerable point is in its infancy.

11. During this temporary, fragile period all is open for show.

12. A receptor must place a right fitting play for growth to be.

Defining Platonic

13 The growth can be of the complete wanton respect.

14. Having no barred holds of all sensuality save the congress.

15. Trust practiced in the highest priority against other types met.

16. A relationship that draw many speculations without duress.

Prospective Transitions

17. The intangibles of being in love and love in being are outstanding.

18. We have an existence hold together by the exoteric respect.

19. In recognition’s main-keep, all are either expecting or demanding.

20. This order of a loving being makes fragile and/or strenuous etches.

Defining Kindred

21. Then are those hath by time and place.

22. One’s heredity and man growth are all matters.

23. One’s ends keep the loving being on an embracing base.

24. Hand to hand , side to side, even separate, anyone’s fall bring forth all to shatter.

Defining Matrimony

25. An embracing based coupled from an one and an one means of a singular being.

26. For ends are in design and its means become sacred for all who witness.

27. This complete bond gives its dedication to sacrifices of the questioned esteem.

28. A meeting of two pairs of hands to hold in being for time to test.

Loving Prospectives

29. With all seen parties plainly stated as ones’ known manners.

30. Those intricacies has a defining framework to make a true substance.

31. From their intanglibles to its boldest, and of it’s broadness to what’s ones pander.

32. What’s of this known love showing having an abundance of passion without its’ disclosures needs.

Defining Irrespective

33. The essential being regards are those expecting plays that one voluntarily brought.

34. This is a development that can grow from truth or regress from naught.

35. To the self lies a drive that must peers consistently into mirrors

36. All respects allowing what one shows what one’s windows.


37. With regarding ploys of enculturating plays of love.

38. In its grace shows how we co-exist for our end plays.

39. For strength and perseverance remains the sum of our perspectives from God above.

40. It’s the being of having that leads the means and odds of courageous and wise days.







From the files of

Geo. E. Burks/344-64-4917

19 Clinton #E

Bangor, ME. 04401



Whims’ Call And Some Sense.

New Translations From Etches On Faces. (working title)

Cultural Psycho-Linguistic Works By Geo. E. Burks.




Randy: "Are sure we can't get in trouble for catching warbler on state park grounds, I heard they fence the place for that reason.

Larry: That Andy's face per, man in the big C, Show me the trees.

Nate: This is not going to be to easy to do and not hard to understand, all the money is worth the sweat and the gasoline price is will be not the only pay.

Larry: Man why you put your yap into this, it pretty straight. Just drive there and collect the labor cost, now, I know you are not going to stress this time, its you dudes-

Randy: ain't I, dude and not Nate for making this paper not easy for doing.

Nate: Ha, Nothing hard to this but You, dudes are not getting the point. This I take serious care with and I in for the easy win.

Randy: Winnin' isn the point but is the place

Larry: your place, I in.

Randy : fine, let's meet at the place, I in.

Nate: The trouble is we need one more to make this timed perfect.

Larry: He always sees through it

Randy: He always been a good help to us,

Nate: He's all gain and refuse to lose to me

Larry:: On you that is Me and him is strong alone, I do the talking, capesh,

Randy, I hanging this time, With you there stay strong and, Nate, I uhhh, gotta to meet you at the place, catch you there Larry, let's meet up with Eric, and you do the talk..

Mrs. Osbert When you are going to tell me why you here, the ripe smoothies and swiss has my favors, now stop the nonsense times, and fill me in on why I am feeling so good.

Eric: I'm worry about school

Mrs. Osbert: I see, there the question, why me, your application was sent and I never given a better references, grades are good, now, you tell me what the worry?

Eric: Three months and not even a tour, what the worry?

Mrs. Osbert: Favor, first!

Eric: can't get it

Mrs. Osbert: not Is it the schools or not is it my favors.

Eric: Taught me well, or all of us well, yet it's the teachers at the schools

Ms. Osbert: Then let them worry, then again I give a …

Eric: I grew up too fast, did I?

Ms. Osbert : That's better than this ripe advantage,

Eric: What in hell going on here, I go and… (looking into space, and looking toward the window for 4 seconds) this is it, no matter what I do, I will be this, Some nice man that the my town elders want to….

Mrs. Osbert: Stop it, enough, don't you see, Am I your teacher, Am I your local political representative, Look at you, who you talking to, Either grow up and don't stay in this place, or accept me as the best you can accomplished for yourself.

The room suddenly turned silence as the two stared at each other. Then Eric, then, tried to speak but only could lower his head,

Randy and Larry seating at the pizza parlor just receiving their order and as the waiter left them...

Larry:: I got a problem with this, with Eric,

Randy: I see we can't approach him like this, we have to find something way to make him believe its his idea,

Larry: now, that is not the problem, it's you. Eric is straight with me and it's one way, but you, Nate and I are tight, Now, will you want me to bring him into what?

Randy: That's can't be a problem, you and I is about to do the best move.

Larry: Is this a move, Dude

Randy: Nate need a shake and our problem is too deep to be push into our own crap,…

Larry: You on and its not me that have to tell Nate to take a hike. I have the motion for his place.


Nate entering his home screaming aloud as he entering thru the door.

Nate: Mom, can I borrow the car this weekend.

A voice from inside the house answered back.

Mom: fill it with gas when you return it, Where to this time?

Nate: into the city for rape and pillage,

Mom: Its plenty of girls it this county for that

Nate: had them and the place is almost bare time, only thing left is a couple of birds, can I fill the tummy with that.


There was no answer then his mother can downstairs in time to see him put the mail on an end table by the kitchen door,

Mom: You are in a good mood today, are you?

Nate: Like to dance or prefer my singing'

Mom, What going on in town, this time?

Nate Can't tell you, my concerned responsible parent, but there is a way to do so,

Mom, another when the fat lady, huh, you tell me now or all the buts, will not save you.

Nate: What's wrong with me looking for something to do.

Mom: It depends on what you expecting to get for it.

Nate: What am I, a kid who…

Mom: It's who, and just so, now tell me in straight in front of my face, who do you think you are before I embraced this blessing of bringing you to manhood.

Nate: look, its not what you… that's…. it's….. I ….am …a… man…

Nate now stood there staring at his mom .


Mrs. Osbert: Are you going to seat here crying in from of me all afternoon, don't you still see your friends anymore,

Eric: Huh,

Looking up at Mrs. Osbert with tears running down his face.

Eric: Go, where,?

Now realizing what was becoming of their talk, and wiping the tears with his sleeve from there face,

Eric: Is this what is in design for me, To become one of those tiresome-looking store merchant or aging state policeman at the state park, stay, is that what you going to say to me to get my blood rushing. Well it can't work, you're not going to sweat me like leaving with only a high school diploma as an applicant for a job,

Mrs. Oswbert: There's Kleenex on the the hallway table.

Hearing this Nate face suddenly look at Mrs. Osbert with intent for concern.

Mrs. Osbert: It work, does it Number 7 in the class of 153 of the 6th lowest grade point average graduate class in the state.

Eric: Yeah, Yeah, the highest ranking class in this district history.

Mrs. Osbert: Where number 2.

Eric: Nate is hanging out around town with Handy and Hairy.

Mrs. Osbert: you mean number 152, 153, Strange thing about them, it wasn't their background and short attention span that they pick up sound studying habits?

Eric That was Nate and I with the dunce cap or do your own on our study time..

Mrs. Osbert: How you two did that really?

Eric: We were always the bigger of the four of us and we use the can't escape policies on them.

Mrs. Osbert: And here I was thinking it was contagious

Eric: Do you think they can passed as us.

Mrs Osbert : Or you as them ?

Eric: What does that mean?

Mrs.Osbert: Oh, stay where you are and you will see what I mean


Randy and Larry just finishing their pizza .

Randy: What is the best time to catch up with Eric?

Larry: He probably home chatting with his mom?

Randy: best get there and save both of them?

Larry: Daze and Dates those two are. You never care to see the ends when in their conversations.

Randy: Has our problem ever figure out how?

Larry: I keep telling him he talk too much and I keeping to it

Randy: And it work.

Randy: A+

Larry: A-

Together: Acting 1, 2 and Drama leading perennial,

Randy: I'm getting the riper this time and you smooth her.

Larry: banana or peppermint

Randy: Let's snap to it, the english was our bless.

Larry : Every time.

Randy: Every time

Larry: It work

Together: Every time and we keeping this.

Exchanging slapping palms. When an aging state trooper approach their table.

State Trooper: Gentlemen, I can't help but noticing you two , Was you two the ones I spoke to last summer at the district school job fair.

Randy eyes suddenly went alert and Larry look up and in a glance

Larry: Yes, I remember you, How do you do,

State Trooper: Lawrence, Trooper Marc Lawrence, and let me see you are Phillips, Lawrence Phillip and Isaiah, Randall Isaiah, It was you Lawrence is why I remember your names so easily.

Larry: (Smiling) Did you find another one of us.

Marc: Do you still prefer Larry?

Larry: Still keeping it special.

Marc and Larry start laughing.

Marc: Did you two graduate?

Larry: We made with awed thru "C"

Marc : Our most impressive year.

Now Randy and the two surrounding tables start laughing.

Marc: Where are you two working this fall?

Larry: Same place more hours at the Peyton's Farms

Randy: I work at home during the renovation and helping my uncle building a new garage.

Marc pulling his cards out and handing them to the two of them;

Marc: Did I tell you two to come see me if you graduate. Don't make me tell you a third time. Be at the station tomorrow morning at 10am sharp. Your academy sessions start this Monday. Type up your own resumes. That why we want you, You don't miss a verb.

Marc looking the men over back and forth watching them read the card then looking up at him then at each other. They successfully suppressed a smile turn back to look at him.

Together: Yes, sir.

Marc : Then my job is done here, stay and enjoy. Savor this day for tomorrow is the first days of an enrichening life.

George Eddie Burks, International. Illinois US, 60409.