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George Eddie Burks


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The objectives for myself in servicing of your inquiries, engagements and proposals is to provide you with a quality and reliable work.

Resume for George Eddie Burks.
George Eddie Burks



I am seeking a position within the marketing, media or medical industry to stabilize my living situation, supplied financial support to complete my educational objectives and provide more experiences to apply on independent projects in the Cultural Behavior and for publication interests.
I am seeking a Master's in Psychology and PH.D. in Communication and each has proven to be an invaluable plus toward each other and in their fields of professionalism as well as beneficial factor to any other staff or team from nearly all the professions.



Thurston Thacther Media Concepts.
Santa Monica CA./Chicago, IL./ N.Y., N.Y.
Production Coordinator/Writer.
2002/Presently active.
(773) 743-9893
-Journalism consulting, research and data management.

-United Syndicating Imparts News Agency and @ttmc Resource Center.
-Marketing surveying, consulting and researching for mass media productions.
-Social Science and Entertainment journalistic writing (portfolio on request.)
-Casting designing, consulting and screenwriting revising.


U.S. Humanities Brokers Unlimited.
Chicago, Il.
Art Appraiser and Sales Agent.
2001/Presently active.
Independent contractor.
-Representing art, book and antique dealers at auctions, estates and private sales.


JulMor Inc.,/7ELEVEN Foods.
Chicago Il.
(773) 348-6581.
-Cashiering and light bookkeeping.
-Inventory and stocking.
-Cleaning and Equipment Maintenance.


Maid in Santa Monica.
Santa Monica, Ca.

Closed Down Service.
-Scheduling appointments and work hours.
-Advertisement's and sales' promotions and proposals.
-Functioned as Owner/Operator as well as Field Manager.
-Legal and presentations' litigations and contracts' negotiations and writings.
-Equipments' and supplies' inventories and ordering.



Independent Studies.
Chi. IL. /N.Y. N.Y.
Field Researches (Curriculums Vitae.)
-Nutritional/Holistic Health Therapeutic Applications.
-Humanistic Psychological Counseling Applications.
-Psycholinguistic's, Holistic’s and Creative’s Writings Critical Analysis.
-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’s Therapy with Diet and Nutrition Applications.
-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’s Research For Statisical and
Data Reporting And Research Designs on Child Abuse


Northeastern Illinois University-Chicago.
Chicago Ill.
Communication, Psychology, (2 Majors.)
Not Currently Attending Classes.
-Humanistic/Social Psychological Observation/Research Designs
-Disc-Jockey/N.E.I.U.'s WZRD.
-Gender Studies: Observations with Research and Datum.
-Consultant and Associate Journalist/N.E.I.U.'s Independent.
-Psycholinguistics' Language Usage/Writing.
-Student Aide: Audio-Video Dept and Library Dept.


Truman College-City Colleges Of Chicago.
Chicago Ill.
General Associate’s Degree.-Occupational Skills Certificate

-Conflict Management Research and with Group Communication Designs.(T.S.A.K.)
-Honor Roll Credits @3.4 gpa


Santa Monica Community College.
Santa Monica, Ca.
Biology, (Major.) Journalism, (Minor.)
-Accredited Field Biologist.
-Nutritional/Holistic Therapeutical Applications Observations.
-Associate Press' Ethics And Writing Style

-Completed Requirements For Freelance Journalism
-Journalist/S.M.C.C.'s The Corsair
-Chess Club President.



The United States Humanities Associates (T.U.S.H.A.)
Worldwide Associate Officer.
-Advocacy, Support and Lobbying for bills and propositions based from Developmental Democracy Concepts and Models for
Provisional Policies in Education, Health and Medical Care, Family and Child Care Laws and Programs.
-Advocacy for the rights and the support for the freedom to use all information and its contents from histories, present reports, data and its contents for cooperative and comparables studies; in order for redefining and reforming practical, modernized applications to present unions, policies and practices with the use of mass and private media and the academic foundations working parallel within the media’s markets
-The support for the United States Education Department and
their academic communities having authoritative interventional rights and privileges within the Executive and Judicial Branches of the government functions and its exact administrative powers based by the expertise or a designated fields from the topic of the decisions, ballots, results and rulings having a profound affect on the nation.

--- 19 Clinton #3E --- Bangor, Maine. 04401 ---
--- (207) 659-7014 or






This Is The Professional Information For George Eddie Burks for those who seeking someone who have obtained a specific focus with the criteria of functions of any of the following Academic's Concentrations or Disciplines.
Assignment Journalist-Short Stories Writer-News Analyst and Researcher.
Magazine and Full Coverage Concepts, Designs and Mass Media Productions Coordinator.
Communication's Counselor or Consultant.
Psycho-Linguistics With Either Cultural Behavior Or Cross-Cultural Psychology Research.
Relio-Cultural Societal Studies And Research.


George Eddie Burks, International. Illinois US, 60409.