George Eddie Burks

Magic, The Gathering (The Series:) Desperate Ploys

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Ravi Image (Blue-Grey Wings) Is Of Artworks By Lady Carella (Battle Angel) and Serra's Image (White With Shadowly Tips) Is Of Artworks By Greg Staples.


Serra’s Spite.

(Excerpts from The Chapter "Serra’s Spite" Of The Trilogy "Magic, The Gathering's: 'Desperate Ploys," Part II, "Earthen Origins" Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering: Homelands, (Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)

She was sitting behind the desk talking to Jordan who was standing in front of the desk telling her something about the room accommodation in the town with Sisay’s men when Ravi who stepped into the room and started listening waiting to for their attention . After Serra glanced toward her acknowledging of her entrance returned, back to addressing Jordan Ravi then cleared her throat this paused both Serra and Jordan to turned and look at Ravi

Serra said, “Jordan, move the entire family over to the Willow’s farm. They can help them while Autumn,” looking over at Autumn, in which Ravi was unaware sitting on the bench on the patio; “…is our guest here. Let me know of any requests Autumn’s children make after they received this decision.”

Jordan answered a “Yes, my grace.” Turned walking toward the door where Ravi has stepped to the left as he exited the office. Ravi looked at Serra. As Serra adjusted herself by sitting more erected, flexing her wings by spreading a quarter of their full width then closing them by toward back and moving her knees tighter together from the more lounging slant . She held her spine against the rounded triangular backrest that she moved the chair so her head would rest against the narrowest rise. Ravi walking to the front of the desk say, “Pardon me, uhhh, grace, errr, Serra!" Thinking why should she addressed the angelic planeswalker like her fellow Tolgaths.

Ravi, a planeswalker also, even though she became aware of her power’s full potential when she cause apocalyptic settlement on Ulgrota with a chime she couldn’t bring herself to remove from the necklace she wore underneath her high length wool jacket. A jacket the angels said Serra designed for her.

The unusual golden buttons made of pure gold only add to the complexity, Ravi was becoming distracted by. Ravi talking in a calm manner “I do appreciate the accommodations you extended to me here at your palace…”

Serra suddenly interrupt saying, “Sanctuary, This place is a sanctuary and a place of respite. My late husband and I used this particular…” Ravi with more exertion, “Accommodations! And I can’t understand why so generous? After all I done and my questionable state before you cleanse and reaffirmed me, especially this youthful transformation that came with these.” Ravi was glaring at Serra now while adjusting her newly acquired bluish-gray wings. “I feel that besides your history of good intentions for the weaker humans, you aren’t of such blind arrogance simply to place a person of my depths in this capacity and considering all I done while I was under the Sengir’s tainted influence. Also taking in consideration that I am one of the most destructive combatants against our past problems and those other powers, like the Ancient’s traditions I can only see you as someone who wouldn’t looked forward to making any mistakes especially with me.” Ravi stop talking and watched Serra’s face closely.

Serra stare back at the Blue Angel’s stare, showing no change in her full attentive facial expression she had undertaken since Ravi determined to be the one doing the talking. After a few moments the Avenger asked “What accommodations, you are part of the Tolgath Heritage. A foundation these very walls were built on before I have liberated it from those mountains in the horizon to the southwest into this mote floating over this oceanic valley. I am the protector of the Tolgath Heritage and you are the Tolgath Champion.”

Ravi hearing this responds “The Tolgath Heritage, our protector? What!? “These roles aren’t your rights nor your debts. Why are you doing this?” Serra responds, “Why do you feel my role with your race is an unfavorable place?”

Now, Ravi shift her weight from her steady balance stance to her right heel while gripping the floor with the ball of her left foot to utilized the recessive blue mana that can be found in the land base of the levitating mote.

Once the energy was felt as her catalyst, her wings' feathers made a slight adjustment as to shift in order allow her always-personal enzymatic goose bumps to prime her vessels’ shell. Ravi attempting to created borders of closeness from her hostess as an assurance that she wasn’t under any subtle influences that wizards using white mana has excelled with more than her proper’s managers who studied the wield and ranges of manipulation with blue energies. Serra still with no changes in her facial expression affixed the blue energy to Ravi by blocking her estates on the mote of any unnatural flowing blue mana. Ravi unaware of Serra’s consolidation of Ravi’s confidence say “I know Feroz is alive somewhere out there. He didn’t die in that fire and what you doing on Ulgrota are a little much for any benevolent person. Now these accommodations and gifts to myself?! As yours and my race only equal to the level of power, I'm suspecting you are and are frighten by especially any access to it. Tis more obvious to myself you would never have dismissed me as Grandmother Sengir, no matter what events that have passed. Now you…” Serra once again interrupted “Again?! What accommodations and as long as you hold that chime so close to your chest, why should you be concern of what motivates my whims and other degrees of suchs”

Ravi now satisfied to see what should have been there since she was brought to the sanctuary. Ravi revealing the chime from behind the jacket looking at Serra and asked, “I am frightened by this generosity you extending to me. When I was given this chime I was not told how destructive it is, I feel I am at a firm by your gifts. These wings, my youth, my improved range with my mental abilities, I might have to most reluctantly suppressed my strong imago’s youthful drives to place a better guile and experienced matured judgment. Your debts to Ulgrota are not mine’s to place a judgment as favorable nor disapproving. I am of the Tolgath race and my place is to my home, Ulgrota and what I cherished Ulgrota as which was never with you. Is this chime is the reason you are still here? Even after Feroz questionable demise, Is this what your good grace fears must have an angelic guardian to monitor and control?”

Ravi started to lift the chime and necklace over the front of her face saying ‘Here, I will leave this here with…” Serra for the third time interrupt, “Don’t you dare!!… or even touch that on my grounds!!!”

This interruption caught Ravi by surprise. Serra continued, “You just leave that right there hanging on your neck. That what I asking you, what accommodations? You have no equals on Ulgrota, before and definite to this day, Ravisher. I am the protector of your plane, I am protecting that strong youth your race spurn by those genes that are yours. If you want to relieved yourself of that chime’s burdens, do it somewhere else but never, ever touch that instrument in my presence or on my grounds!”

Ravi hearing this realized Serra excitement also had shown why she was been justifiably cagey also.

Ravi putting the chime back behind her jacket attempted a subtle probe upon Serra but this was met by a strong psychic spite pushing the primary probe energies back within Ravi’s estate. All this occurred while Ravi was looking, watching Serra’s facial expressions. Then Ravi felt her always precautionary secondary silent entry probe energy conduit dissipate also as she finally noticed in the avenger’s poise a slight hint of a sign indicating both determination and aggressiveness. As Ravi re-centered her energies with her own poise, she felt Serra first standing in a manner that when Serra stood up from her chair created a vision motion echo. Serra said as she was standing, “Since you choose to press this matter in a commoner’s order, Ravi of Ulgrota…” She then pointed towards Ravi's left, across in front of Ravi’s body at Autumn Willow who was now standing just inside the patio doorway, quietly listening to their exchange. Serra continuing on saying ”...And withholding your understanding on why I have allowed the terms in which you quite in denial calling my accommodation! Try explaining what we are in concert accommodating to her. As you probably will soon surmise, Autumn also had to accommodate your race’s Ancient’s dues to rise through the bitterness you must have felt and felt on your race.”

Ravi turned to seeing Autumn who seems imposing with her well-spruced wings. Autumn was glowing; emitting the strong energy that Ravi thought when she entered the room was of Serra’s. The energy appeared to amplify into an aura thru her now more gigantic appearing wings with colors more distinguished by the reddish brown feathers in concurrence with the burgundy-like tinted gray cape-like patches uniformed across both coverts completing a reddish orange and white subjacent surface.

Ravi mentally noted that Autumn was on the patio listening to everything and more than likely next to Serra when she felt the energy surges early and concludes that this energy is her race’s pride in which she was nearly accusing Serra for claiming.

Serra giving unwitnessed cry of “Ha!” Both Ravi and Autumn Willow stop staring at each other and look over at Serra as the avenger now walking to the office door was near screaming “It’s written in one of the ancient’s scrolls I found here ‘Tis not your dues fulfillment, henceforth first and tis when by a foreign nature tis not your fulfillment hints force first.

Ravi thoughts quickly processed all of these discoveries relating to why Serra has hidden this particular Ancient’s palisade with new more viable deductions logically, instantly.

As Serra approach the door Sisay appeared and Serra speaking quickly addressing Sisay “Sisay, I am glad for your timing! Would you like to discuss the reasons why you here in the reception room downstairs? I believe Autumn and Ravi have something they must discuss among themselves.”

Sisay surprised by Serra’s obvious hint look inside the office at Ravi, who made a 90 degree turn to her right to fully viewed the two women at the door with a courtesy smile then glanced over her right shoulder toward Autumn whom now was glaring at Ravi. Sisay seeing Ravi’s body motion and the exchanges between Ravi’s and Autumn’s suddenly returned a more amused than courtesy smile to Ravi while saying to Serra “Thank you, I thought I was the one who was meant to be awkwardly uncomfortable with them by coming here. It is nice to see your friends proving their relationship private. For I knew they weren’t trying to be uncompromising to me only openly alluding with one another.”

Serra responds to Sisay noting understanding by saying “And that wasn’t possible as an accommodation also.”

As they left the room Autumn quickly asked, “Well, Sen-Girrr, was that guilt coming to surface, believing you should be treated differently here in Serra’s house? I want you to know! Sen-girr, I can see you thru all of those new young looks and your wings. Those wings that you were blessed with have a specify nature reflected and Serra know how to bring these nature of our being to surface. Those wings are grown from your nature and just like the birds with those colored wings, Starlings; they fly here and there never settling unless there is a care. Getting into everything even underground in the miners lunch pails. I do understand what happened to us. So, what tis this Tolgath Heritage you suppose to tell me about, Ravi?”

Ravi was looking at Autumn considering what to say to her. She could try to explained about the war against the Ancient who once held a sort of supreme order over the Ulgrota commoners using their proficiency with sparks’ energies but the thought of telling Autumn anything about those times frighten Ravi.

Autumn’s power’s glowing growth since yesterday was startling Ravi as she recognized the energy as the power that when she was younger she was taught to harvest, access, control and utilized from within her.

Ravi suddenly asked, “Has you ever heard about the power called a spark.”

Autumn looking a little aggravated answered, “Yes, that the power, the source, every planeswalker have that make them powerful. Is that why you and Serra are arguing about? Her spark!? And how she saving us with it!?”

Ravi hearing this knew now Autumn was clueless on sparks and as she suspected before with what she was doing when the powers of the Great Woods possessed her. She also saw she was more reserved since they were met by Serra yesterday approaching the mountain range.

Ravi instinctively felt an urge to demonstrate what she can managed with her Ulgrota’s Heritage by using her natural power as a mentalist and avoid showing Autumn her abilities with what her teachers called the spark but she realized that she was about to initiate an unnecessary intimidation ploy. Ravi decided to maneuver Autumn into revealing what she did understand from the conversation she overheard with Serra but before Ravi could think up any leading comments to use on realized Autumn was watching Ravi’s entire logical examination of her situation thru her facial expressions. Ravi pressed to control the conversation intentionally answering impatiently.

“Autumn! What Serra and I were discussing doesn’t have anything to do with us. You do not understand what happened or happening here. Serra as good as a philanthropist she is is doing too much for her place among our race.”

Pausing watching Autumn’s face after this then continues on saying, “What happened to you is the very reason why you should feel suspicion. Does any of this frighten you? Those powers you received? You should have seen what you were doing before. There was more fear of you by The Baron than there was Serra, back when you were under the Great Woods’ control. I even tried and failed to undo you as a threat.”

Autumn screamed “You tried to do, undo, what!!” Ravi then suddenly felt that energy surging again but now standing in front of the source she could now distinguished it exact calibrations while Autumn was angry. Ravi talking more deliberated “Autumn can you feel that, can you understand this? Here in me is where that energy surging is coming from. Do you see tis? You here in me where you are, That’s my spark, my energies that Serra somehow trapped in you there in me.”

Autumn listening to Ravi’s words becoming complex and now more frighten, The reason she was following and remaining close to Serra since her arrival to the sanctuary the previous day was because of her new physical strength made her nervous moving around the angels around the mote city and the building.

Hearing Ravi’s explanation Autumn became more alarming and in a near rage screamed “You are still Grandmother Sengir!?!, Tis the guilt you can’t hide behind that snipe-ish girl demeanor?”

Autumn's anger made it possible for Ravi to examine the power's surge bases as it became more discernable that also preoccupied her enough that she seems to ignored Autumn challenging accusation. She felt affirmed it was based in her body and focus thru Autumn and yes, it was her spark.

The distraction became more revelant to Autumn as Ravi wlked directly toward the patio glassdoor, passing her with her eyebrow brought together focusing, glaring iat the horizen over the clods' line. After the quick, sudden movement to the patio window she started to scream then paused a moment and turned back glancing at Autumn. Ravi face suddenly gave an objectionable look a moment after facing Autumn's and turned quickly back facing the patio screaming, “How dare you!!! After all that you witness I done!! You placed me, my spark under this bucolic tomboy!!”

Autumn unsure if Ravi was addressing her or someone else and seeing that aggravating stern maturity professing from Ravi's deb semblance again, pushed an emotionally charged response towards Ravi’s comment “No I do need to know! How dare you!!?, Those powers, those abilities that you have, you recieved! They are not meant for people, Tolgath people. You want to talk about sparks and planeswalkers helping us for unknown grounds, unseen prices?! Look at the energies of your own heritage. I do understand what happening to me and you too, Ravi of Anaba Valley. Serra saved you from that vampire as she saved me from ours land’s desperations. My wings they are a manifestation of my good grace …”

Autumn’s continue her lecturing while her rage slowed noticing that Ravi wings with its almost neon blue with small shady white spotted coverts' feathers near her shoulders was gradually conceding, been wolfed by the long grayish-blue flight feathers turning her wings into an uniformed blue-grey color,

“…But yours, Don’t you see yours? they different , half-black! An abomin…”

Before Autumn could finished her sentence she felt a blunt force against the area in front of her right ear on the jawbone causes her temporary dizziness while only seeing Ravi as a blur turning to face her. She instinctively regroup her balance from staggering as an image of Gemma the faeren's priestess appeared in her mind pronouncing, “HOW DARE YOU!!” At the same time, a psychic strobe of lights with a vibrating pulse struck her body causing The Great Woods’ Favorite a disorientation and then paralysis.
As Autumn felled toward the floor, Ravi caught her by adjusting Autmn's body into her arms by kneeling onto the floor on one knee supporting both their weight and at the same time maintaining the psychic rapport between them.

All this was happening while Ravi was projecting in Autumn’s mind, “You, dumb cow!! Can you see me, No! you can’t, no matter how far this Starling will venture, here I am. How dare you offend me!! Do you know whom this faeren’s image I am using here in your thick skull has done for you? She is the reason why the Sengirs couldn’t hurt you, but I can now, you know why?”

Ravi again struck Autumn with another psychic strobe and this time toward the Willow’s higher planes area while continue on projecting;”Because you have my spark!!! I have worked and meditated tremendously to tap into my strength and trained with the best wizards on Ulgrota. I was taught in all layers of control and balance of life energies and with that I had learned how to use our plane energies, OUR NATURES, our natural life-force that binds everything around us with the sun as a power source as well as a communing source. I was going to be the best wizard ever! To stop those who take advantage of others because they weaker than they are or who gluts for more than they deserve.

Don’t you see, Autumn? You have my spark!!! You have my…”

Suddenly another image of Gemma appeared in both Autumn’s and Ravi’s minds projecting, “Ravi, please, stop. This is not you but the Tolgath’s past!! But if you want to rule with your spark, then you have to kill me to have complete control over its power again!”

Ravi suddenly cried loudly “What am I doing!!!” as she release Autumn’s lumbar points and withdrawn her psychic channeler from within Autumn’s mind estates liberating Autumn from Ravi paralysis formation. Weak and half-conscious Autumn witnessed, felt Ravi asuddenly feeling calm, and hearing Ravi speaking softly to her, saying, “I used to play and practice with the minotaurs when I was young. They taught me how to fight with and wield the staff. The Hunt Game is what they use to called it. Through the staff’s training, I’ve learned to move with all sort of energies, move and guide the energies and then I've learned to change the energies. Later on during my life, I'd found the spark’s energies in me. I've felt it as a subtle gentle life in me. When I felt for its center, I'd visualized with it and found myself doing more than I've felt for, for doing. I… I saw an all-living life-source and I knew right then that I can end the Ancient’s manipulation over us and the Ulgrota’s population. That I would have the freedom to choose, learn and become the life-force I’ve inspired myself to be.

I knew by controlling my spark and myself, I would strengthen my will to be all that life is, Autumn, and now you, you have…” Ravi then paused catching her breathe and thinking to herself hidden from Autumn senses she suddenly said “Serra and Gemma are right, but before I trust you like a sister, first, you must learn what you are, Autumn. So, if you going to fear something, learn to fear something other than yourself You a planeswalker, now, Autumn and know who I am. I am Ravi. That my birth name, my birthrights, Autumn! That is what I was born as. I am The Ravisher.


(Excerpts from The Chapter "Good Waters," Of The Trilogy "Magic, The Gathering's: 'Desperate Ploys," Part I, "In Seconds" Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering, Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)

Grandmother Sengir was in the back lawn area looking at the grounds in the noonday. The sun was unusually bright and the rays that did penetrate the overhead of the seeming overgrowth of the leafy vines from the top of the back fence to a few large bushes resembling small trees throughout the estate grounds which created bright reflecting and sparkling dots in the vast shadowy distinguishing features of the plot. The bright beams of light contrasting the normal grimly scene of the Sengir's castle rustic view favored a cheerful peaceful air for even the most spitful, harsh demeanors like that of Grandmother Sengir. She came to the back lawn of the acquired old castle grounds that her grandson's has made for their presiding oblivious to the strong tranquil meditative aura affecting all who relaxed in it's lightly warmed shadowy cape. The Sengir's elder found herself pondering on how she can help the Baron with his hints to be the legitimate lord of the land since he has already taken in the Dwarven Princess with promises of strengthening both the princess' kingdom and the Dwarven race around the castle area place with the many different races on Ulgrota.

The Princess, Irini was entertaining a different resort to gain such stronger rule but the Baron reluctance to relieve her ambitions applied by her enticing ploys to gain his approving grant meant the Baron wasn't moved by her eugenics designs. Grandmother Sengir was contemplating on this when she felt a surge of good health creating a small volume of hardiness around the body's vital points.

This surge was strong enough to cause direct conscientious' attentions from inside her bearings. The elder Sengir was about to shift her concentration by bringing up her family training pact to maintain the physical bearings inside the Sengir estate when she felt the results of the surge settled in the most sensitive points within the body.

The harridan nearly showing a smile whispering "Oh, no, maybe my grandson could proof an enticed into the princess!"

She carefully started recalling the names of the plants in the lawn while wandering around the yard, dismissing the idea; that by focusing on Ulgrota's fauna titles, there was a possibility that her hostess was posing a threat to the Sengir family's pact's which has enslaved and was controlling the body.

"That should have done something!" an adolescent-like voice magnified her senses to blend into and becoming drench with the smooth odor illuminating in the dark midst. Ravi relaxed as this, singing sadly:


This is good waters of my deep firm kind,

Upon my face, upon my land,

My land creates it's touch by our hands.

This is good waters of my deep firm kind,

In my hands yielding signs upon new seasons,

For our abundantly living creating these good reasons.

This is good waters of my deep firm kind.


The young soul was expecting to return to the conscience level after she hold the gathered essences into a hardened bearing within the body's internal systems, but found her attention diverted when she found herself dreaming of a battle where she sustained an injury from a lummox who immediately taken a ring from her finger and was reaching for the sword in one movement. She immediately willed herself to her feet and saw him reach thru her, finding herself as an intangible and invisible spirit to him.

Ravi then tried her psychic abilities on him and found herself looking at his army, in which she recognized immediately as an illusion. Ravi pulled for the land under him finding and rising blue mana and establishing an anchor by this flow, she reformed the energies into an illusion showing a clearer, more detailed rendition of his illusion. The illusion appeared to the thief distracting him from what he was attempting with his display. She then exposed the illusion as an illusion by gradually changing all the colors of the projection to a blue wall, her dark shade of blue and at the same time applied the illusion's light energy as a hardened pressure on his optic, olfactory, and ocular nerves systems that both blocked and shielded her from any more approaches he was using or could use with the projections and the light field while projecting her response to his picturesque offer "Whatever!"

This forced the thief to address her directly by loudly crying, "Out!! Find your spoils elsewhere, demoness!, Don't remain here and serve your own!"

Ravi realizing right then as she quickly recalled the time she was willing the body back up to fight with the sword and instead of fighting to save the ring, she pulled the mana she anchored to the fallen body and to started healing the injured victim's body feeling secure from the possibility that the thief could influence a complication to her life paths.

Ravi was watching the man examining the victim's ring and sword when another spirit rose from the body addressing her.

"I am surprised of you vixen, this body will need more than your wizardry to recover. Joined me today and let's conquer this other to find a new rule on Ulgrotha?" Ravi recognized the voice as the Ancient's General she fought during the war and slain. She knew right then that this was the time for her to choose to continue fighting for her own body thru this angel's or seek to reincarnate herself as another. The Ancient's spirit laughing perceiving her logic saying, "This angel has you fooled, that vampire and you both are under her notions. You liberated now thru her. We both are! Let's take this thief over and find our way back home? It is our destiny to live and die as Tolgath heroes not only as an aspect of an angelic warrior."

Ravi thinking fast reasoned her spiriting and she was going to spirit herself back to her last memory inside her natural body's conscience but first, she directed answer toward the Ancient, "That's my destiny I will decide and yours also!"

She was about to construct a psychic armor to truth her threat but another presence stagnated the blue mana flow coming from the land, topping thedesigns and catching her attention. As she peused around looking for the source; a new voice projected, "Pardon me, miss. I need that! And You, Ancient One, onward!! With your futile dreams, There's no more for your desires here in my wife's life!"

The Ancient's spirit look toward the body's higher planes as to engage the challenge as Ravi determining to strike a blow at her enemy in his afterlife quick tested the mana available in the body. It was pure concentrated white mana and it was quickly reverting to its natural state.

Ravi realizing the condition of the angel's body with the white mana spreading into the body's physical environment while reverting as serious. and after assessing the mana energy gave a thought of "sunlight enriched white mana honed and harvested in the most impressive formation that I, myself would have never imagine left to seethe freely instead of serving the body, exclusively?! This definitely isn't a woman of my image!" Ravi thoughts seem to induce the angel's sub-conscience to realigned her presence in the angel while maintaining her constructed formation of energies which she uses with most women who need assistant or strength. This realignment of the gathered white mana also compensated and support Ravi's blue energies that once all energies resettled the woman's heart which was pumping erratically weak suddenly steadied into a stronger rate.

With all of this energy movements, Ravi also received and perused the events leading to this battle thru the feminine conduit. It was a strong tragedy one that overcame her own stoical womanly persona. She respond with the now more stronger and more influential feminine guile demanding to know who done this, yet Ravi felt herself more centered by the more natural fierceness with the warriors' drives within the angel's body by querying more harshly by demanding; "Who would battle a warrior's spirit as if the passion to defend and assist was an insignificant feeling?!!"

The General sensing the anger in Ravi's spirit presenting as a physical self in the angel body left immediately by following the blue mana flow to exit and then entered into the thief bearings. The Ancient's was joined with more spirits as they left leaving an imbalance of a large amount of recessive mana volumes of black, green and red energies left from the vast subconsciences incoherent domains with him. This powerful domain in which most angels called therein or the wilderness and most wizards including the young Ravi called either ones' estate, the mind's states or the id, is found in everyone regardless of what planes one exist at.

The voice from the higher planes asked, "You, Tolgath, you are from their era where your wizard friends sought supreme rule over Ulgrotha. Why do you choose to suspend yourself here, in defense of one who resisted and guard against those ideas for your own race?" Ravi without hesitation, answered "Her designs favors all and I am one of them! As for those past ideas, I will always choose to defend against an aggressor as my kind of idealist to measure!!! I am the Ravisher of Ulgrotha but to my friends, I am known as Ravi of the Tolgath race and you are Feroz, I am proud to be of your presence by your choice. I know what I must do, excuse me," Then Ravi with no other projections recalled some words that the angel have been known to have said, then the angel's body suddenly filled with the smooth, thick essences from the castle garden.

Ravi thinking that the Admeadurota essences would at least assists the body's recovery. She then projected toward the higher plane, "Pardon my poor timing, sir and pardon this haste, Thank you." Feroz feeling the revitalizing energy of the Admeadurota plant thick airily vapors from its morning dew answering by projecting! "Poor? more of proper timing, Ravi of Ulgrotha and what haste? Your reward remains awaiting for you in the garden! You do remember the path from now? Or do you need my assistant, my long-time friend?"

Ravi suddenly felt another feeling with Feroz projections and it felt like a visit from a friend one haven't seen in a long time. She suddenly felt compelled to hum an old song she sang when she was younger and found herself been moved to her body, behind the old castle by the Dwarves' Mines. As soon as she became the conscience of her own bodily feelings; more now than before, especially since she began the journey for help from that locked room which led to her spiriting into the angel's, Serra, The Avenger, life.

She also was astounded by the strong surge of good health hardening in her physical self. Then she started thinking to herself. "That ravisher line I projected while I was dreaming. Was that who I became? Or tis who I going to become?" She then felt movement, it was her legs she took noticed of with the feeling of her weight been carried and she started feeling and settling with other felts with body's movements including her heart. Yet, her legs were more prominent every time her body started moving again, she concentrated and sensed the muscles flexing and exertions, She immediately pressed with this determination, by relaxing the strain into her intents and suddenly she found herself focusing on the plants in the garden with the determination to recalled their name and uses.

The vampiress conscience from the Sengir's conduit paused in thought as Ravi noticing her senses was momentarily been pushed with a contradicting bearing. Ravi reeled in deeper concentrations by maintaining abreast with her life's attempted to comprehend the subtle physical reformatting with every occurring change and the expected moments' passing within the manipulated environment. She kept on focusing on the legs movements while maintaining the awareness of her justifying by focusing on the objects in the physical environment around her body as well as the sensual feels the physical vicinity using the sensations to effect her negotiations and then her orientation moving around the garden. Ravi relaxed as all this for her essentials to bear, fortified and contained within.

The Grandmother Sengir conscience made a note of Ravi adjustments that resemble how Ravi felt when she identified and concluded a factor as too tenuous and a minor concern. Ravi became peeved at this knowing that the note was a reference to her genetic traits and instead of relaxing into her body's centering therein her sub-conscience mind estate she attempted to will a suggestive thinking training ploy on the vampiress' memory inducing spell.

Grandmother Sengir's consciences, who were trying to induce the names of the plants into a conscience range from the body's memories hasn't realized that it was her hostess who was drawing in the plants energies and spreading it's effects therein more inwardly with the vampire's efforts.

Finally, Grandmother Sengir fathomed on some points about the plant's effects as she mumbled out " is it really so?" The plant that is the source of this aura emitting above and low along the grounds really a fruit." The old woman then noticed she was standing in the deepest of the leafy mulch the vines provided with their dark green foliage." They have a flower that blossom rare and rarer is the fruit." She turned her head to glance at the back door of the castle, to check to see if anyone was watching or listening to her discovery spell. She was in a trance while pacing around the garden. She started talking, looking at her view as a Sengir's saying, "My Baron hopes for the princess' beauty to tie-in a promise of a rightful rule and place with the Tolgath heritage by a rightful vital, is what escalating the tiff with the lessers,"

She now looked at the garden seeing the flowers as they now became more noticeable around the plot and involuntarily start physical humming with the bodymind's sounds that was rejoicing not chanting inside with, "This is good waters from my deep firm kind, Upon my face, Upon my land, my land creates it's touch by my hands!"

The old woman then stopped humming and said softly, "And it's clear and heavy odorless aroma is ravishingly intoxicating!" as the aged body stooped and bend down to look at the water-swell plants' flowery textured, coated thick, malleable and mushy-like fruit closer. As soon as she touched it she felt the physical body's vital points filled with a cooling sensation that relieved the entire body of weightlessness and a dense tightness against her skeletal frame by releasing the muscles to once again to feel the burden of carrying one's own weight. This startled her causing her to released the flowery fruit and the plant fell and touched the ground. She visually witnessed the handful of the small plant dried quickly and seeing this, she suddenly reached down to grabbed the flowery fruit from the top of the lawn, taking the plants into her hands again. She felt the soft flowery texture became like layers of a dry flat twig that were overly ready to slide not peeled apart from one another and now has a feeling of a long ago a small portion of a branch fallen from its extended outgrowth.

Standing as she picked up the flower to examine closer, noticing the plant has become lighter, holding the moist and excitement no more as she sensed the last of the exciting energy dissipate in the fruit.

She mumbled in a near-silent voice " I see, it is a rarity, a sensitive and fragile natural elixir working internally when giving by touch." The elder looking around the yard, seeing the plants with a more familiar recognition blurted louder and clearer, "Oh, They blooming fast and falling! I must collect them before the end of the flowering stage." The aged body start wandering around the yard, moving in a quick, determine pace catching the waterswell thicked bud flowering plant of Ulgrotha before it turned downward and touch the soil.

Ravi, sensing all this, knew the sun beams was creating a rush from the rare touch stage of the waterspout flower and knowing the bud of the Tolgath's flower was freshly extending upward from the soil carrying a full charge of eudicadarotagulas', who's pollen's dust or essences of the flower is known as admeadurota essence which is what this essence is more popular known as, when kept warm and only touched by natural material bases while in a mixture of natural only ingredients and taken immediately with no contact of any non-organic object would sharpen your reflexes and help you focus more control, creativeness, sensual and psychic abilities with the advanced and high level of bodily functions and understandings.

Her elderly body was reveling in this feeling for she can felt the body's vitality factoring points surging a joy as an indicator that she might become a stronger force like the Baron.

As she thought this, her voice slowed as the vampiress regathered control saying in clearer, low voice "And that was this hostess that was revelling with this idea." as the vampiress' Grandmother Sengir felt that she was no longer in control of the body as the hostess conscience bearings chased this plants' stage in haste by appearances. It was Ravi in control using the plants in this delicate stage that lasted on the stem about three to ten minutes during certain weather circumstances.

The plants main purpose is to protect the soil by creating a blanket or a mulch covering with its leaves which sealed nutrients and energizes the soil to produce hard to grow shady area vegetation while producing strong and amplifying green, blue and black energies.

The aged woman was happily collecting a good handful when Ravi felt the Sengir Family pact, regathering her body. She quickly relaxed as the energy surge as her victory and was about to retreat by entering into one of her sub-conscience states like she does when she regained and fed her presence for a duration. Yet, this time, she found herself thinking and becoming more abruptly complicated decisive by the rendered, transposed and reinforcement her body had received with every forthcoming thought until she felt strong enough to lift and direct herself on the path towards her home's higher conscience's planes. Somewhere in her mind, a notion overcame her experienced reasoning with an idea that this time there was a coincidental inference occurring. Ravi recognizing what she felt and knew this feeling was from her own experienced sums as she felt confident to look toward the higher place and start hysterically pleading and sobbing a praying.

The inner Sengir family pact which was trying to correct Grandmother Sengir conducting and dominating image inside Ravi's conscienceness yet silently found that the vessel's hostess successfully taken and refined many of the inner-conscience's points. The vampire's conduit started to reach and draw from the Baron's body directly, to Ravi's body but a sad feeling overwhelmed the being at all three levels of existence. Grandmother Sengir who is at the majority of the time a private, observant and sudden person, first felt then realized that the body's focused statues and conduits were clearly regaining control as the entire body stop moving and stood firmly erected. Ravi's expressive facial muscles obviously were involuntarily not intentional adjusting and struggling to reflect the sorrow yet the expression held hidden. All of this happening under a hardened, wrinkled face yet unnoticed at any glance were a few redefining changes to the facial texture. With all these physical changes happening; the Grandmother Sengir attending conduct, at first, were steadfast yet became surprisingly and suddenly frightened thing as a tears began flowing down the cheeks on the aged skin.

The dominating elder Sengir's influences within Ravi's vessel, who couldn't ignore the involuntary body motions that were felt throughout the body whispered, "That was the first resemblance of a good yawning stretch that I can remember, if that what it was."

The vampiress suddenly regained focus and found herself staring at the waterspout plants in the hands' palms; helpless to drop them again. The Sengir's influence adjusted its charge within by concentrating to maintained the bodily's facilities as at least a resisting bearing while Ravi's mind's estate pressed on with the focusing on rediscovering the body's entire being.

"Ma'am, it just occurred!" Serra looked up at the gargoyle cleric then saw the note of a serious nature was there. Serra then brought the cleric into her study and accepted the noted urgency shown in the gargoyle's face.

Serra realigning herself joined the projection using her her own psychic abilities. The gargoyle continued with her own psychic projections while continuing addressing Serra, "As you instructed I traveled the Sengir connect-ness at the castle as a carrier, back in time, hiding in and using the excessive black mana as a masking mass of my own energies resembling an another wandering shadowy motion living within his flocks. I'd kept to their roots and rising on all drawing instances with the inside child."

The angel responded by communicating as a psychic entity asked, "When and Where."

The gargoyle moving back within his own mind estate and flowed to and into the human population's incoherent conscienceness' connectness with Serra drawing in and using the found recycled natural light to pull herself along the gargoyle's signaling, towing her where ever the signal's source flowed until they stop.

The gargoyle paused to make an adjustment to create a static flux next to an active displacement well which was caused by what Serra recognized immediately as a near-solid admeadurota essence's mass. The mass was what Serra instructed all the clerics to be alert for in the population. Serra's body at her sanctuary reacted sensing this find by smiling as tears of joy overcame her.

"This is where my hero went to!!" The gargolye projected to her thru her psychic entity. "Careful, we are been pushed with the Sengir's pact. Once we are lifted into this vessel, the vampiric conduits are of a sensitive nature and highly influential." Serra moved her psychic entity to engaged the projection that the gargoyle's was using for signaling and in her office, she physically signaled the gargoyle body standing next to her body, by making a snarling sound and using her hands to form a grappling claw showing grasping movement. The gargoyles as highly intelligent as they are, they do have a reputation for downplaying the humourous advances and approaches they received directly to them.

The cleric looked to his angelic liege first confused then the expression change to one relaying that the tactic was understood, As soon as Serra saw the confirmation of her instructions the angel's psychic entity therein the population's consciences mass to an isolated portion she sensed near the Sengir estate's main conduit as the cleric start absorbing of Serra's white mana based psychic energies. They both were adjusting to one another while there weight were pulled in by the foul vampiric's natural character yet the contrasting resources forced Serra and the Gargoyle to turn, altering their paths as rising surges inside the vampiric pact.

Serra psychically then attached her conduit to the gargoyle cleric's by creating a vibrational projection with the sound wavelengths of "err-oll" which mimicked the last syllables the gargoyle projected message to her before riding with the rising energy motions. This brought her into a temporary union with the gargoyle's mind as rote motions within a vessel which were sheltering the memory of first feeling the admeadurota essences' and the life energies they were tracking.

Serra then adjusted them again and this time as one moving mass to a falling position next to one the stronger points of that vessel's higher planes yet below where the mass of black mana had risen above the vessel's life energies. Serra had to make another adjustment to resettled their position so they can use the admeadurota essences to escape in time from been swallowed up by the black mana mass at presence.

She then exerted more strength to concentrated her psychic energies to start to draw any energies that weren't excited by the admeadurota essences. The gargoyle sensing all this occurring shown on her physical facial's expression at the sanctuary; a gesture of alarm while maintaining her silent integrity but even as Serra saw the protest she continued her workings by shifting to blend what ununiformed mana moving among the field of mana masses; changing them into a different configuration which she would shift and suddenly revealed as an incorporate conduit of a partial developed white mana base platform. The female gargoyle looked surprised by the size of the white mana she suddenly sensed therein and immediately moved both Serra's and her focused mass onto the concentrated platform.

As the cleric made contacted with the platform energies, a bonded formed around their own white mana energies that revert the platform into a shell-like aura around them as well as pulled and forced them into a position in which they perceived a terrified girl in faugh attempting to push aside a god-like force from in front of her.

The young girl was hysterically pleading into what would have been the Ulgrotha's higher planes for the Togath race instead it was this foreigner who has closed her in his higher region's planes. Serra thinking fast, moving with every thought she formed, adjusted her senses to perceive, received and channeled the girl's pleads thru her own conduits she developed for the Ulgrotha's natives in her own natural body at her sanctuary. She has always used this connection as an attending conduct toward all the natives of Ulgrotha with a manner as hidden bearings behind a notion that the most, best blessings are the mysterious ones.

Serra shifted and converted the bear into pure energies and refocus the now over-bearing conduit across all of Ulgrotha's Greaters' higher planes. She aligned and placed the girl's engagement at that level on their higher plane that only those with resounded support of an exceptional source or with the others' having refined sorceries can aloof themselves to. The girl was effectively converting the admeadurota essences into a strong gigantic strength, reclaiming herself and her body from a misappropriation of her sire capacity from among her race.

The desperate adolescent was projecting, "How can you just watch this, God Of The Sengir? I hope, I pray, I wish, my great teacher, can hear me crying, cowering and begging against your designs. I know he will down you. Hear me O'God Of Mercy, who do hear my life and sustaining I, let the great ones of Ulgrotha here ye or the planeswalker Feroz hear this plea. He will come, him with the angel, Serra, to downed these vampires and then downed the God Of The Sengir."

The girl absorbed more admeadurota essences into her physical body and her soul while singing,


"This is good waters of my deep firm kind...'


The gargoyle's physical body adjusted both Serra and herself to the proper timing and era while looking at the avenger's face. Serra looked to the cleric giving a concern note on the seriousness of the nature of what is therein the aged serf in the Sengir's ranks at the castle by the Dwarven's Mines.

Serra confirmed an excellently done gratitude in a gesture and started looking around her study physically showing the urgency of the important message while gathering herself in one continuous motion.

She then looked upward and said loudly, "Ah, a wish from a tear!" Serra's eyes start to release a flow of tears upon her face, herself. After she perused this for a couple of minutes she turned and looked at the gargoyle again, standing by her desk. She asked, "Was that the Ravisher Of Ulgrotha, who placed the apocalyptic settings on her own people?"

The gargoyle looking at her while concentrating on her thoughts for a moment then answered, "It was the prayer of a trapped innocent and yes, ma'am, her wish has been long sought!!"

Serra adjusted herself again while peering at the guardian's report. The angel had difficulty restraining any more expressions and suddenly with a suppressed laughter behind the brighten and delighted warrior's spoken expression, Serra said loudly, "Grant her wish, Grant Ravi her wish!!"

Serra then walked under her study's sky entrance of her main sanctuary study wing, looking up into the skies. She stared at the skies for a few moments then looked back to the gargoyle, this time, she was more than obviously suppressing laughter while smiling with her own approving gesture for the gargoyle. She then said, "Yes, grant Ravi her wish and put my compliment into the wish with assuring blessing from you, your charge and her's, eh, our's refounded hope and with good speed." She then regathered herself followed by confirming and excusing herself with one gracious turn as she walked toward the other door of her study. The gargoyle guardian then took to the air with her wings carrying her effortlessly thru the sky's doors.

End Of Chapter?

Returning A Star
Excerpts from The Chapter "Returning A Star" Of The Trilogy "Magic, The Gathering's: 'Desperate Ploys," Part II, "Earthen Origins" Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering: (Homelands,) Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)

Serra was about to accept Santhin invite for both her and Autumn to wait inside with his family seeing that a crowd of dwarves was gathering at the gate's opening that lead to both the mines and his home which was on the immediate right of the service road when Santhin turned his face then gasped. 

Serra turned looking the down the road toward the castle to see Irini approaching to pass by the gate's opening. She then heard the dwarves at the gate mumbling to one another in disbelief like this wasn’t any ordinary sight.

Autumn also saw Santhin reaction and was looking at Irini said to Serra "Do she looked like she noticed anyone or anything?”

Irini who looked as she was sleepwalking to Autumn and to the other dwarves as the dwarves was watching her walking in the middle of the road, alone. One by one as more dwarves came from the mines and from the other direction on the road gasped stared and then started mumbling to one another.

This ended when someone among them shouted "Look at her eyes!” 

Another said “The Baron broke his word. He did do something to the princess."

Serra started walking toward her as soon as the shouting started from in front of the house leaving the mine's owner with his family at the door. She moved quickly that Autumn had to sprint then step hastily to keep up, follow closely behind the avenger. 

When Irini looked in the house direction beyond the gate to see the angel coming toward her she stop walking and stared at Serra then passed her at Autumn who was coming up behind her.

Ravi was now concerned that this can create a problem with her hold on the Baron at the castle. With the Baron Sengir semi-conscience under the Melilo-Blicae’s influence and Irini’s will under her control after adjusting the extra mana Serra has fed her. Ravi changed Serra’s designs using the new white mana by refocusing the white energy into Irini using Irini as a decoy that did distracted the Baron’s concentration. The Baron believing he finally found a way to inflict the entire Ulgrotha dwarven and human population thru the dwarves’ princess when he discovered the white mana conduit fell right into Ravi’s trap. By moving thru the Baron mind to Irini’s body using her blue energies to complete the work with the new spell she gained spending on Baron's neglected hindsight after the Baron started investigating the discovered energy trail in the wrong direction.

Ravi was looking at to address Serra unexpectedly as Irini and with no explanation for her presence with Irini’s capacities decided it was best to grab the Baron’s black energy hold on Irini now and withdraw back to her own body thru him to finish her payback on him. 

Ravi was unsure if Irini could survive this release because the Baron subtlety on Irini was complete and if she didn’t weaken and manned him through her like she done, he would still be reverting Irini’s and her heritage on Ulgrotha into dark energies. She wasn’t worry about the Baron since she took care to keep him in a stupor state since he digested the Melilo-Blicae essences.

After Ravi gathered the Baron’s madness from within Irini's inducting his binding energies back into the Sengir’s remaining estates which strengthen her hegemonic workings in his body. This left Irini clean of both the Sengir's black and her blue mana influences. Irini regained her true proper’s became frightened feeling her body suddenly grew fatigue and heavy. Only seeing Serra stop her from approaching a panic state as she was about to scream in horror. Affirmatively thinking that what occurring was no danger to her and she was safe seeing Serra and her dwarven subjects together around her. Seeing this and knowing the angelic planeswalker never have felt the dwarves as a threat to her nor anyone. She looked around now noticing there were more dwarves than she originally felt staring at them.  

Serra now within arm distance grabbed Irini as the weak Irini started crumbling toward the ground. Sensing she was no longer support by black mana Serra closed her inside her where she granted the dwarven population to grace her and started reinforcing her mind by hand contact.

Autumn started to say something when Serra said, “I thought Ravi was going to claim her body as her new life.” Autumn was surprised hearing this answered “What!” As Serra continues working on appropriating Irini’s to the Ulgrota’s Dwarven and the red energy aura they were proficient using as a race.

Ravi returning her concentration back to her body thru the Baron physically sitting inside her room at the castle listening then sensing for any more bodies in the castle with her and the Baron. She felt relieve and started working on the Baron directly after concluding that Veldrane wasn’t on the estate and the only mammals on the castle grounds were of more fur-bearing sorts, one vampire lord and a highly perturb female.

She started feeling more relaxed knowing the last major vessel that the Baron had endowed his abilities into wasn’t close enough to surprise her physically and take advantage of her aged body’s limitations.

Ravi became more confident as the foreigner’s vampiric nature was temporarily depressed and the intellectual acknowledgements that governed the power were lost wandering under the castle while disenfranchised inside its dwelling body.

Ravi decided to avoid any intricate workings in Veldrane after observing in her initial attempt to reach his mind making an instant conclusion that he was too dangerous to control.

This reconsideration of her plans of dealing with him was made when she noted how he had grown and then matured into a monster instead the more common vice-versa process and also seeing that removing the Baron’s extra cares with his most valuable serf by loosening the depersonalizing grip the vampire used on him would have left Veldrane as an irrational killing savage.

Veldrane who would become the last obstacle for her special subtlety to conditioned from the Sengir Baron stronger ranks was close but wasn’t on the castle grounds. What Ravi found and understood was that Veldrane was beyond approach and the only answered for him after defeating Sengir Baron in him was to place him in isolation or to kill him.

Ravi realizing Veldrane’s problems in his mind was probably showing on the surface when he was a child. She recognized this sort of problem in people before during her younger times when she was warring against the Ancients.

The condition was hereditary and it naturally consumes instead of some sort of conversion which is consistent with red- energy base aggressive natures that is found rooted in all human-like races. These aggressive tendency psychology formations are commonly observed as myths and rebuked as a façade or an unnatural source instead of a humanly drive. Where it is believe to be generally formatted with black mana, in truth, black mana isn’t the only necessary approach to create these overly-defensive or highly perplex states of mind in a human facility.

As an adolescent Veldrane probably shown traits of a remarkable prime tendency with his slim angular body shape of medium to tall height possessing tremendous physical strength and presenting determination and confidence proofing himself as a rarity and a the kind of guarantee success that only a bidder would appreciate from one of a young age. Young men showing such aggressive of primal force with their mannerism isn’t expecting to be of a trusting nature nor character especially those of Veldrane’s size. These traits are considered to be a blend of exceptional qualities of nature by the wise and by experienced communities.  And when such a primal force is availability unguided and unstructured, certain occupations within will always find this qualifying quality irresistible to utilized as well as easy to satisfy.

Even though Veldrane more than likely qualified for the Baron’s type of preoccupations’ Ravi’s perceived immediately by her examination that Veldrane more than likely proven difficult for the Sengir’s succubus after he was captured, converted and lorded into the young archfiend he became known as.

Ravi found signs that the Baron have resorted and grew accustomed to reining him directly which was plainly obvious as a contrast from time to time when Veldrane was allowed to direct himself by his own will. Veldrane was a different dangerous personae and style than he is when he is been forced-reign by Sengir Baron vampiric power’s potential in and thru him.

Also Ravi’s educated judgment when she found the Baron’s hold more shielded than actively manipulating Veldrane means the Baron relied more on the means of force to Veldrane’s will than his projected persuasions and thoughts or the combination of the two working in conduit and held functional by an unusual strong feed of dark energies toward Veldrane’s throat and other points in Veldrane’s human body that governs both the rationalized thinking process and rage. This concentration by the Baron was also an indicator on how volatile and unpredictable Veldrane has grown into.

Vampires can be like a pack of wolves with one another within their dens. Especially with their leadership and just like wolf pack’s ritual during feeding time where the leader must first take to his/her satisfaction before the rest could bicker over what’s left the Baron’s ambitions were to become satisfied especially before any risky endeavors of any kind of personal discretion or freedom was to be granted. Vampires leadership’s rites does deferred  from the wolf pack’s where a wolf pack’s leadership which is constantly open for a challenge by combat until a combatant is cowed differs to the vampires’ leadership challenging rites in which any resistance toward the reigning member’s rule would never be allowed to live pass the first challenge. It was obvious Veldrane’s challenges and disobedience was fought before it could surface and controlled from becoming a threat by the Baron sharing his lustful drives to the kill with the Ulgrotha’s native son and with this taking advantage of Veldrane’s lack of discipline as a less experienced executor. When any dominating personae then aspect must continue to lord instead of succumbing a younger other as a functional member by fulfilling and satisfying the common temptation means they both are from a family trait or in this instant providing Ravi with a serious note to ponder that she referred to as that problem.

The Baron own ambitions have made him more reserved with age and Veldrane past usefulness has made the necessary alleviations from any of the Baron’s stressful repercussions  the people whom the Baron has either implored or adjured less taxing and burdensome. With the Baron was using his own murderous urges to guide Veldrane’s hunger toward more strategically valued kills within the Ulgrotha’s population the Baron has established himself a small rule over some of the lesser coalition of powers immediately in the Old Dwarven Castle and there mining area as well as other Ulgrotha’s natives close-by or relying on that mining industrial for survival.

Just like it was with Irini, Veldrane was both the Sengir’s convention’s channel and an instant source for the Baron’s unyielding focused stand for Ulgrotha. These focus points working toward the past human natives associates from Veldrane life was so clearly evident inside Veldrane’s mind that Ravi knew immediately after identifying these grafted conduits to withdraw from Veldrane’s estates before she became a product of that melding. She also took the precaution of realigning her defense for shooing away the lesser studied-minds of brutes by affecting their more discipline and stronger bodies to flee from her involuntarily. This adjustments to her “Rid” as she called it was completed from what she learned from studying Veldrane’s elite human brute makings that is of Ulgrotha’s pure perspiration and of another different type of pure aspirations.  Now her Rid spell function by vicinity created an aura that autonomically induced people who are either looking or/and thinking of her to quickly and involuntarily move away from her. Ravi knew that now all she has to worry about when the time come for physically confrontations was persons with more conditioned muscles or of the stronger will sorts.

“Maybe I can adjust to being a harridan with the right kinda moxies now.” Ravi thought amusingly as she moved the Baron eyes fixing them to assist the flow of the Melilo-Blicae essence in his blood stream.

(Meanwhile elsewhere… Omitted)


Veldrane who was following Irini since she left the castle grounds unescorted followed Irini hidden from the side of the road until she came upon the mining area. His attempts to get her attention on the front lawn convinced him that she was sneaking away from the Baron’s attention. He also noticed that the Baron wasn’t monitoring him in the usual restraining manner and sensed the reason was the newly concentration of a mixture of dark and light energies about and in Irini. The energy was familiar to him instinctively and he felt inside him was a threat for some reason.

Veldrane thoughts simply concluded that Irini’s has something to do with a nervous feeling that was bothering him recently from time to time and that power which he wasn’t consciously aware was assailing him from time to time. He concluded this as soon as he senses the aura around Irini thinking now was his time to strike at the controlling source for the liberation of a power source was seeking from the Baron’s place. The idea of finding activities other than hunting to a vampire has the same effect as a light reflection passing by a domesticated cat’s sights,


He jumped over the fence and moved stealthy on the compound as the dwarves were calling to one another about Serra, Autumn and then Irini at the main gate. When he saw Serra approaching Irini and he no longer felt Irini thru the Sengir’s black mana’s conduits he became convinced that Irini was betraying them.

Most of the dwarves down the road from the castle at the mining camp gate were in a semi-circle with one end starting at the gate’s entrance and the other crossing the road curving away from the castle direction then rounding on the other side toward the left side of Serra and Autumn.

Veldrane came up behind the crowd to attempt to coward the dwarfs behind on the right side of Serra and Autumn into running toward them but only was frustrated when they never noticed him until he was standing with them looking over them at the angel.

The dwarves were so attentive to the cares Irini’s was receiving from the angel and the Great Woods’ chosen that Veldrane easily subdued one of the dwarves standing behind them in the gate. He then used the fallen dwarf’s jacket by placing it over his head and started pushing his way thru the crowd coming thru the gate.

Veldrane was moving determinedly halfway thru the group of 16 to 20 dwarfs when Serra turned to see the tall figure using force on them. As she turned to look Veldrane grabbed the dwarf on his left with his right hand allowing the jacket to fall to the ground. He picked up the dwarven male effortlessly pivoting and kicking another dwarf from in front of him, toppling three dwarven bodies forward in front of him toward Serra’s direction. He threw the dwarf body at the Avenger compensated his aim to reach the angel over her right shoulder as she turned to face him.

Serra seeing the tall body in the crowd in the right corner of eye in a glancing note while turning her head looking more directly at the commotion in the crowd. While in the middle of adjusting herself for the better view she saw an object flying toward her.

Autumn standing on the left behind Serra was also attending Irini didn’t see Veldrane or realized what Serra was doing until Serra stop attending Irini and stood to turned to face the flying object. Veldrane was grabbing another dwarf lying on the ground by him as all the other dwarves immediately around him started running away or struggling to get back on their feet. Veldrane feeling for a firmer grip on the dwarf’s left shoulder he has grabbed and while start moving toward Serra’s position.

Serra who couldn’t avoid the thrown dwarf for her right wing was too big to move from the trajectory with Autumn in the way of her pivoting to the right. Serra’s spatial awareness with her wings is the reason she earned the particular title and address “Grace” was evident as she pause ever so suddenly. She instinctly pause turning her right shoulder back to avoid harming both Autumn and Irini with her left wing and accepted she couldn’t move from the way of the thrown dwarf.

Serra wasn’t planning on ducking either from the collision as the angel extended her right wing then turned the tips forward of her body moving her right arm slightly behind her and reaching over with her left hand for the dwarf. She managed to grabbed enough of the dwarf in a snatching movement angling the dwarf’s body downwardly while using her right wing to cup the body into new trajectory forcing a rolling motion and shifting the body weight into gravity. The dwarf’s body rolling halted under the first arm section the wings as she completed the wings’ cupping movement by adjusting with a couple of steps backward that also compensated the dwarf weight with her balance. She alertly squatted at the end of the backward motion as the dwarf’s body weight shifted rolling a short distance down onto the ground from upon her feathers.

The catching the weight of dwarf caused Serra’s left wings to extend forward also and with her left hand grabbing action on the dwarf her body turned in a matter that she rolled the dwarf from upon her feathers into a relaxed position on the ground while looking in Veldrane’s direction across and over both her left shoulder and left wings. He was now moving toward her.

Veldrane watching Serra’s catching the thrown dwarf was going to throw the second dwarf but the dwarf he was carrying was now fighting his grip on the shoulder making it difficult for the wild vampire to make another throw.

Autumn only saw the body in the air coming toward them moved quickly to her left dragging Irini with her. Autumn was frighten of Irini and became suspicion thinking this might had been a trap but couldn’t fight her instincts in helping the weaken girl, vampire or not. After watching Serra catch the dwarf on her wings she then looked over and saw Veldrane moving toward while struggling to hold another dwarf against his will. She knew in the distant between him and her, he will have to get pass Serra to reach her and quickly went on guard for any signs of faking from Irini. Autumn nervously start thinking that this would be a great time for the Great Woods to take possession of her even though she wouldn’t remember what would happen..

Serra stood stretching her wings outward then brought them to a rest on her back chastising herself for being this close to the old castle with no weapons. She then sighs while gathering white mana then start focusing on Veldrane body in an attempt to place him inside a cocoon and lift him from the ground. 

Veldrane suddenly felt pain that stop his charging and made him clinch momentarily. He then grabbed the throat of the dwarf he was carrying and said, “Serra! I want that traitorous Irini. Turn her over to me or this dwarf will pay for the cost of her betrayal.”

At the castle Ravi and the Baron both felt Serra white mana effecting Veldrane with a distortion wave within the black mana field and conduits that enveloped the Sengir’s family pact. The Baron even in the incoherent mind state that Ravi had him in, reacted to the strong invading energies instinctively with a pre-arranged defense of a strange and different black mana formation that Ravi haven’t sense before.

Ravi felt the black mana mass involuntary shifted from everywhere in the family connectness to Veldrane. The energies were intertwined with some sort of Orobalamchace property while moving independent enclosed by a thicker black mana formation than what the pact normally refines.

Orobalamchace essences, is of a dark green mana source and is a strong deterrent of many natural energy forms while maintaining high levels of awareness and physical mechanical proficiency.  The Baron who is already compromised by the Melilo-Blicae essences that Ravi tricked into his physical systems became more taxed by this newly engaged conjured aura that the Baron’s preset and store for defense against the type of challenges Veldrane has found himself in and has been initialized into full strength unmonitored.

All of this only brought a smile on Grandmother Sengir’s face and a sensation of happiness overcame Ravi inside her. For Ravi knew what all of this shifting meant for her plans. Ravi who was concentrating reforming her own physical energies by displacing the black mana in her own aged body by using the dark energies she just liberated from Irini to blend and become absorbed by her growing blue energy mass while Veldrane felt the shifting as a surge to his physical strength and he felt a wave of disharmonizing urges overtakes his will.

Serra and Autumn saw Veldrane’s already blackened pupils color spread enveloping his entire eyeballs as Serra felt her white mana formation she was drawing and concentrating around Veldrane become repelled as well as sensed the Sengir’s Baron presence overtakes Veldrane’s body and spirit. Serra immediately with her right hand signaled all the rest of the dwarves and for Autumn by moving her forearms and hands for them all to leave in a hurry. All the dwarves felt the change in Veldrane by vicinity and seeing Serra arm motion ran in all directions.


Artworks By © Eva Widermann (DnD’s Player’s Handbook 2: Pg. 93)

 In the Darkest Dog

(Excerpts from The Chapter " In the Darkest Dog" Of The Trilogy "Magic, The Gathering's: 'Desperate Ploys," Part II, "Earthen Origins" Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering: (Homelands,) Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)

The Ravisher was singing:

A spell is a time of concentration spent

That can refocused any channel bent

By trailing a disharmonization against what is led

Into a difference space, a difference way or a difference fed. 

By entrusting the oldest logic known of mathematics

A scourge originally known as an object called craft or magic

Grown by what’s naturally common of what’s is mutable found

Hidden as wise because more are fear unseen, unsound.

In places where tongues can’t refute err as intent's fault

Of the witnessing of spoken sons crying against irrefutable false

And can reach all by the paths of commoner’s as its source.

Touching all shares of what’s given as blest gifts or eternity’s force.

Autumn hearing Veldrane’s words and was staring at him since seeing his eyes change didn’t see Serra’s signal yet looked at Irini quickly feeling ashamed of her suspicions moved toward Irini while saying to the dwarf that Serra caught on the ground next to the Serra, “Hey, You!!”

The dwarf next Serra was too stupefied to response at first but the big woman kept calling him by saying “Hey, Hey, over here!”

On the second time Autumn called the dwarf looked over his left shoulder to see Autumn standing next to Irini while holding and pointing to the semi-conscience princess only couple of yards from him as Serra quickly glancing back to see this exchange happening sidestep to her right in front of him blocking his view of Veldrane. Even though the dwarf felt the strength and softness of Serra’s wings’ feathers crossing right in front of him he was moved more by seeing the princess’ appearance resembling that dwarven little girl that he had sworn to an aging father to protect and serve. The dwarf quickly gotten up on his feet rush over to Autumn reaching and grabbing for Irini to help take her to safety.

Serra was aware that Veldrane was now directly under the Sengir Baron influence and have been reformed for this confrontation against her. The Baron has infused some kind energy field about Veldrane creating a psychic armor that can’t be manipulated nor penetrated by white mana energies' forms and from the way it the repelling of her binding aura felt against her distributing the energies it also works against her spark energies.

Veldrane feeling Serra powers was pushed back and away from him also felt the engulfing then alienated from Serra’s presence and the encasing by The Sengir Baron, all in a matter of a couple of seconds and all within his physical environment place shocking. Adjusting to all this while watching Serra, and Autumn moving to protect Irini he thought this would be the best time to thrown the second dwarf as a diversion to close the space between them.

To Veldrane the plan to throw the dwarf at Serra in order to get close enough to her while she catching this one to make a good strike was encouraging to him as a challenger up against the great avenger. His underestimation of her wing’s strength and the wings’ other usefulness in a fight had confused all of his preconceived ideas he imagine for this fight. He now was disregarding all thoughts that he was going at this poorly from the start and was trying to think up another option to equalize her flight advantage. He calculated the odds of defeating this female planeswalker were favorable with close combat fighting but he was undecided on how to proceed knowing he hasn’t hampered her flight abilities.

A thought occurred to the Veldrane, “I will keep the favorable odds and deny the angel any favorable ground by…”

Then his legs started charging but instead of charging Serra they started charging Autumn and Irini. Against all his efforts to stop himself he found his resistance to the Baron hasn’t change at all and now the Baron’s reining on his will was stronger than ever.

Also he started remembering times  in the past when he noted his thoughts wasn’t alone as he became a spectator of his actions and was trying to find a way to remember that he must find a way to fight the Baron inside his mind before believing he was deciding his own fate. Then he remembered he had that thought before also. His thoughts turned toward his actions as another occurring idea of the speed of thought surprised him.

“This should close the space with Serra and then I will deal with those wings!” as he simultaneous started to time the throw of the second dwarf at Serra. 


(While elsewhere in the parallel present on Dominaria… OMITTED… then meanwhile back on Ulgrotha…)


Ravi at the castle felt more of the Baron shifted into Veldrane that left his body more defenseless. As the last of his psychic armor dissipated from his faculties left him with only his natural strength to keep him and with the Sengir’s black mana concentrations anchoring with Veldrane he was fully vulnerable to the Melilo-Blicae essences now.  Ravi’s quickly took the advantage by focusing in his physical system for eyes movement functions. Ravi, a prodigy child trained as a physician by the Tolgath Wizards and raised as a hunter in her homeland of Anaba Valley by the locals and minotaurs knew never to hesitate and where to strike when the target is in a vulnerable position and this desperate female has been taking advantage of the Baron’s lack of hindsight since she regained her will and her physical body from him.

When the liberated not escaped woman first managed to get the essence in the her captor’s body she relied on the vampire’s own physical exertions to spread the essence throughout his bodily system and now thanks to the weakness the essences created with the vampire’s power and hold on others she have been slowing exerting and manipulating the vampiric conduits back upon the Baron with her own willpower. Now an opportunity to more directly guide the essences in his bloodstream has occurred and she wasn't going to start hesitating now.

She proudly noted how easily it was to take over the Baron this time and with detailed precision moved his eyes, pressing certain veins and arteries passing to and fro thru sinuses from as well as to certain regions of the brain and from the heart that are close around the eyeballs. She concentrated on regions of the brain that governs body functions that stored excess energies. As she became accustomed to his eye control she thought of shifting the black mana concentration back to the Baron’s body awakening him as a ruse trap by making him believing he was at full strength instead of one of his ex-puppet’s puppet then challenge him in the castle alone while leaving Veldrane to fend for himself yet, she was looking forward for more satisfying revenge to do on him knowing the now refined dark energies she has taking from his workings in Irini was reformed  and ready for formatting to feed the Melilo-Blicae essences inside the Baron’s body  which was more important in ending the Baron’s power on Ulgrotha and everywhere forever.

The old woman whispered “Indulging on our delicacies will be costly, foreigner!

With the dark energies she found in her own body compensating her blue energies she knew she would have the necessary energies to fight even in retreat if her plan necessitates such an event when escaping the Baron’s influence as well as his presences with no black mana for him to manipulate in her or others on Ulgrotha. Ravi then guided Melilo-Blicae essences around his hip and waist area. It’s this area of the body where all mammal-like beings stored inactive energy formations while it’s refining, converting or settling into a hardened substance.  This excess storage process happened constantly and solely under the power of a mental note or bodily physical reflexes and movements both known as recall.

Recall is like a continuous catering process that occurred at all levels of formed energies from sound and light to tactile and movement. The body will automatically collect, feed and reformed these energies’ as sources and then into an excessive mass every time and each time the desired sensations are of a thoughtform or movement and as an internal atrophic matter they are placed in reserve for future use for maintenance and even more reforming by keeping them in a manner of a physical constant.

By saturating this area with the essences Ravi knew this will weaken the Baron’s properly and strike directly where he retains and governed conserved formations by weakening or/and preventing his sorcery from gathering any strength or formidable levels of power. For this preventive treatment to become decisive she have to do this process quickly before the powers from his unconsciousness feels the effect in their realm, take on a conscience form and fight her. These conscientious sources dwell inside the intellectual’s higher planes and known as archetypes, stars and gods.

The higher plane of any animal’s estate is where past dominating influences settled or become suppressed.  When the body feeds and manufacture new energies that doesn’t contributes to the likings of the past influences the intellectual’s body become either more independent or more dependent of a new source and naturally suppressed as well as dominates the past influences’ stately manners within the intellectual’s presences being and physical bearings.  These past influences will become integrated guidelines applied to the new source unless the new sources draw energy from another physical source. This sort of sorcery is a common trait in all intellectual’s cultures and range from a benevolent force to a demeaning power. Vampires are demeaning especially to personal and intimate values.

When the presence become weak physically and start losing coherence of their identity one of these strongest past influences would naturally become fed by the animal’s or the intellectual’s id that will naturally become and govern the spirit and body. In cases when the intellectual’s have grew and became solely being with the physical body by spoken words and committed actions that directly failed any other strong inner influence or was proven foul or tainted by witnesses of another common, consistent inner trait as well as an inner influential in the past, the newly reformed intellectual will quite naturally attempt to correct the being’s proper and life-paths back into a preferred base conduct of being.

Ravi’s always take this in consideration when addressing or referring about any and every other intellectual since she learned people at this degree and this wisdom have served her and made her a strong survivor in all degrees and levels which she always quite humorously and slyly noted as the depths of man.

The observations Ravi have made about the Baron’s prowess and attributes are that the making of him into a capable person and the depth of danger he is wasn’t of some freak of nature and in that depth it was evident to referred of him as he are. She rushed the saturating process worrying that a big mother of all vampires would grow and reign in all of vampiric conduits from his past to this present combining and bringing another vessel’s within her range then manifest a new succubus anchored by the Baron’s vampiric abilities holding and force reining on Ulgrotha as another dominating demi-god force to deal with before she was done with this one. Vampires’ bodies really are truly coffins with one undead personae suppressing the last previous attributing, dominating undead personas and this is why the Baron’s unusual physical strength and capabilities wasn’t what Ravi was concerned about.

The old woman closing her eyes, relaxing and feeling safer, now whispered. “Considered the big dog of this castle ate!!”

Ravi now refocused her concentration back within her physical body by projecting across the Ulgrotha higher planes from her own estate’s approach, “Done!!” while thinking the Baron will have only one place to focus or direct his or any other life energies he have at his command of any extracurricular applications or any other type of sorceries from anyone of an Ulgrotha’s heritage that a vampire can naturally access or refine.

Grandmother Sengir face slightly smiled as Ravi was thinking, “Unless I’m mistaken the last place that can happen will be in Veldrane." She then set herself to hold the Baron’s eyeballs to force more volume of the oxygenizing essence thru the sinus region creating a mass obstruction against blood vessels that would unbalance the blood flow into certain area of his brain for the essence to work directly at her objectives and weaken any other region from surging a balance in a hurry. She knew that the spell she was about to spent on this natural system would surely due a returning force for all natural consciousnesses or unconsciousness' efforts are balanced autonomously. The Baron's body will desperately compensated for her focused channel and its trailing disharmonization to prevent the essences from becoming a new deadly source to his governed dominating life-sustaining vampiric system.

Serra breathed a frustrated note of “finally” as she felt not heard the dwarf behind her getting up on his feet and moving to her left toward Autumn. Sensing his movement toward Irini with an urgent regrets of having no sword in mind she immediately dismissed this train of thinking and started to consider on how to handle Veldrane who was now charging the group on her left.

She was anticipating the time it would take for when, how and what Veldrane was going to do with the dwarf in his hands and the distant and time between them. She quickly focused on the space of her physical’s immediate vicinity and a mass of light appeared around her body growing to a seven feet tall, illuminating, streaking tornado that lifted up from the ground from around her angel’s shape shadow seen as the eye and the effecting cause of this storm. The whirling light’s body becoming smaller, denser and less transparent while rotating and form into a long continuous flat nine inch wide bands of flying streaks of white lights turning inwardly rolling closer and tighter until the strand became a floating glowing orb over her right shoulder.

The cyclone lifted to reveal Serra turning her head from looking at Irini then at Veldrane bringing her eyebrows closer to one another into a stern, intense glare. Veldrane watching this and Serra taken on a more combatant ready standing position slowed his charge to toss the dwarf instinctly but paused when he saw the now solidified orb quickly moved to intersect him while growing larger.

Serra screamed, “Stop right there!!”

Veldrane thoughts became disordered with strong suggestions to ignore her as he started the full charging again with the now six feet wide ball of white energy between him and his target, Irini. Serra now lowered one of her eyebrows and the orb suddenly manifested as a living entity bringing all witnessing daunted.

The angel started drawing the red mana that the adept dwarves in the immediate area was focusing into their young envoy in their hurried attempt to rebuilt hers/theirs royal defenses back into her. Serra converge the red energies with the orb, a red silhouette resembling Irini appeared inside the orb light.

Veldrane stop charging right before entering the orb was too awed but to watch the figure become more distinctively Irini with an unwinding, continuous long ribbon of white georgetting streams of light randomly moving and revolving all around the floating sprightly, ethereal, dwarf’s semblance.

The ribbons gradually soften into red ribbons becoming an immersing grafted tattoo on the silhouette’s skin and as the orb’s white light lessen; a new orb of glowing, transparent light grew illuminating around Irini’s physical body.

Veldrane dropped the dwarf and was adjusting his weight to engage the silhouette as a physical challenge when what appeared like eyelids open and white mana energy glared outwardly from where the eyeballs should have been. The glare struck Veldrane face like a harden substance pausing him to suddenly jerk backwards like he was shrugging the light like a blow. The energy’s force didn’t cause any sort of a lasting discomfort to him and the way the blow dissipated on him brought back the confident and the feeling of assurance that the Baron has encased in him an invulnerability to the great planeswalker Serra’s spark’s energies.

He was becoming confident as looked past the silhouette to watch the orb's energy reappearing as a new orb around Irini and the glow lessened around the characterization of dwarven princess levitating in front of him. The mana energies closed inside the image completely as a more dwarven resemblance floated two feet above the ground bringing Irini’s child-like facial features to even height with the tall perplexed Veldrane’s of Irini with a dim red aura now glowing around a solid life form.

The dwarven princess’ image screamed at the vampire sounding like Serra, saying, “Tis not going to be that easy, cur of Sengir!” as red energies suddenly rush from all around the ematically conceived likeness in a long pulse striking Veldrane with more force than the white energy had before. When the red force first struck him, his body moved back two steps until his attempt to regain his stand gave away to the prolonging beam driving him into the air. Veldrane was flying falling toward his backside as the new elemental-like life force then screamed in Irini’s voice this time, “You will never touch this star nor any other every again, vampire!!...”

Native Affairs In Anaba Valley.

(Excerpts from The Chapter "Native Affairs" Of The Trilogy "Magic, The Gathering's: 'Desperate Ploys," Part II, "Earthen Origins" Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering: Homelands, (Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)

Anaba Valley's Faerens' Song:
Those Starlings, they venture boundless, flying here or there,
Always strong, strifing over land and never settling unless there's a care.
Getting into everything, everywhere and find eveything as fair.
Even where your sight cant see especially right under your nose's hair,
And when there, they're there with no made dare.

    "When I was young was always helping raised the big cats' cubs when we found them orphan around here, so I know Brown Beards. I'm relaxing their mother now by letting her live a day in the life with one of my weaker cubs I helped raised in my younger days." Ravi telepathically responding to cleric's query while reaching down grabbing the healing pack and started to place it on the lioness' open wounds. The Blue Angel then projected, "her cubs' playfulness about me is probably because of some sort of proximity law with their mother mind-state and the other cubs back when." Then Ravi remembering what she discussed earlier with the gargoyle's spirit quickly projected to her inside guard, "you think Autumn still waiting for us at..." A different voice suddenly took on projecting laughter then said,

    "Was that the best test to ploy?
    When will you put me at a joy?"

Ravi then sensed the farean works within her boundaries as she felt her body energies been enveloped and converted.  The angel alertly examined the rending thinking,


     "Now a spell and truly indeed for a passing time.

    Why such an intentional burdensome for a find?"


She felt this trances-like hypnosis before when she was younger, thinking,


    "Ah, the ancient's old ploy called the enchanter's charm.

    To scoot scavenging dogs evening rounds back to their dens.

    For their's presence are only our nature's hunger for an alike tend.

    Unlike those who lust and gluts for the the host's charms.

    Then in this spell all thoughts will sing truthful dawns.

    Knowing all of any order has truths that cause no harm.

    For none can rhyme and lie in thoughts that are calmed."

Ravi narrowed an eye to sight exciting  as she projected a reply,

    "Since you assist to make your account silent,
    Then by faeren rules I will riddle this compliance. 
    But a riddle for me? How about a riddle I am,
    My clues will only lead and my clues also can cam."

The voice still laughing projected back,

    "No faeren love will whisper such a note,
    No human love has even this confidence as a vote."

Ravi started smiling while continuing working on the wounds on the lioness' legs answering this time talking in a soundless whispering voice now,

    "Hear, Hear, one would be alone by that sort of no love,
    when one greets with unheard air unknown by above.
    So I am finding this as an obvious clear foil!
    Now why are you placing to put me to a joy?"

The voice directional source change as Ravi percieved the psychic's senses formation adjusting from hiding in her estate's wilderness. After couple more excited narrowing of Ravi's aft sight, the faeren's psychic being accept the shunning by quickly exiting projecting,

    "Then riddle no leads and clue as you fool,
    Remember, this is faeren woods, your home only as dues."

Ravi never pausing putting the healing pack on the lioness legs as her cubs playfully jumped and pawed at her shining grayish blue wings. The angel sat there servicing their mother hiding her thoughts for several moments then she enveloped that very moment of Anaba Valley environment in the same Enchanter's Charm she shun by pulling the emotional surge that left back as her being while speaking clearly loud,

    "My name is Ravi, I am four centuries old tis I the new Lord inside.
    You may address me as you like, even think as you like,

    Your spoken words alone will be seen for measure,
    And your thoughts are your own emotions to bear and treasured
    For in my wilderness borne more than humans and faerens as I, myself,

    And my travels obtained a wisdom that sharpens and honed I more deft
    With both these as my truth makes my returning here needing no clues
    And with no riddles necessary by any dues as too true,
    Tis by birthrights and tis your true passages this birthright due.
    So remember all these ploys is our joys when by my presence's not sight."

    Then Ravi extented the charm to this one narrator's pen.

    Asking, "Why do I find love in this universal reaching charm's? Is this so keen?

    While she finishing tightly secured on the lioness the healing patch,
    Then grabbing the dislocated left paw in her hand's cupping catch.
    She first gently lifted and aligned the jarred joint,
    Which she fretted even with the healing feelings at the point.
    The faeren has left for her to find had all the right leaves.
    And other ingredients to instantly graft soothe as receive.
    The patch size's and shaped took to the lioness' wound perfectly.
    To add more to the first impression's as their meeting's more gracefully
    Tis the only work to observed was for this Brown Beard's hind
    That also relieved Ravi of finding another way to surprise the cat to bind
    For tis dangerous tempt catching big cat unaware two times.
    And Ravi felt all are done with the cat's last chew into this vine.
    And the Faeren's choice to wait another reason to valid a ploy.
    Ravi thought to valid what tis morrow by a henceforth
    Then she loudly screamed,  proclaiming, "I live by the common law inside the golden rule,
    And I ruled by judged intent using force as the lure.
    You shouldn't riddle me in as a valid lead
    unless you placing a rightful true clue for a need or a deed.
    Now, I done my greeting to you as I live with your lingering blest
    So bring me your words that I can measures for I witness.
    A riddle, huh, here have a clue,
    I will next flight take find to hit you."

    As Ravi finished this she refocused her and the Charm's energies to their respective propers and then calmly said, "Now, tis a clue, my new faeren friend. Then she waited another minute for the faeren to appeared to no avail. She then appealed a last time by saying, "I do want to thank you anyway for helping me save this Brown Beards' pride." Ravi then became quietly listening intently while caressing the joint area of the lioness leg.

After a couple of more minutes The Blue Angel slide her empty hand to hold the paw digits together then simultaneous pushed the paw into her other hand now squeezing, guiding grip forcing the paw's bone back into an proper alignment and the lioness back to her proper time and place. The mother made strong moan sounds thru the looped rope around her mouth while fighting wildly with the other vine-rope's looping around her legs.
    Ravi smiled yanking at the noose point on her mouth's restraints to loose the tied and kept the wrap in place while shaking down a playful cub on her right wing by flexing then went airborne back over to the otherside of the river to leave the work of working the wrap around and the chewing thru the vines for the lioness and her cubs.



(Excerpts from The Chapter "The Lastest Again," Of The Trilogy "Magic, The Gathering's: 'Desperate Ploys," Part I, "In Seconds" Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering, by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)

He appreciates his simple job; two classes a day, a small quaint apartment close by and no heavy weight wizards nor a lordly ruler to be concerned about or pressured by. The Azoria pay was generous for this kind of work while living a wise, quiet modesty deservedly in this token with other good paid pride of Azoria’s civil force that was dwelling immediately around him with secured discretion and privacy of their naturally atoned abilities.

This morning, he was familiarizing a room of 11 years older on a 12x12 grid of numbers. The grid was to help them recognized and condition them to instantly recognized patterns with numbers, weights and other possible probabilities of compounding factors.

The room, bright with a coastal morning sun warming the room to contrast the cooler air circulated thru the densely populated granite metropolis of this inner minor but well intended section in the Azorian Guild House Region. His class’ attitude was looking toward him for a signal or a sign for them to engage themselves at a challenging query or task that Jodah always come up with in order to imposed a delightful recourse with and by the lessons’ contents.

This morning Jodah was more concern about children’s well-beings than their ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­astuteness of the day’s lessons, for even at the seemly lax unconscious level, the physical presentations shown by the majority of the students can be easily noticed by his experienced eyes that the general feelings in the class was more an intense alertness to an anxious mood.

The students were oblivious to their infrequent developing factors casually and constantly wearing on them yet this wear was the only sign present indicating to the Dominarian immortal that normalcy was prioritized by an inner influence.

The tutor, who is known in this parallel timeline as Professor Vin but in other planes and times, known as a strong and mysterious mage or as Jodah, an Arch-Magus from Argive of an exclusive school that has a reputation of benevolent factors as well as the producers of the most powerful wizards and demi-gods of good and evil alike.

In that parallel time and place where Jodah popularity as an arch-magus grew into fear and apprehension toward his approach; a rumor that the school has disbanded to settled many of the school’s difficulties with Jodah’s volunteering to live on the other side of the Great Rift placed those more world-taxing duties as ancient history to his present days.

Here in Azoria, Jodah have been addressed as Professor Vin for more than four years working at one of their science academic’s post. He been assigned to teach their community’s exceptional children the ground-works of disciplining one’s mind and extending one’s concentration and focus by using an old known skill seen in Azoria’s times under obscurity while called Mathematics, a term Jodah and some of his fellow school staff members when away from the general population especially the young students called Magic-matics jokingly.

The ageless mage was feeling accomplished for the first time in a long time after recently discovering he has finally matured as an emotional identity for his alias, Professor Vin by molding and developing an familiarity and instinct for interacting with his immediate day to day Ravinica’s functions. An identity that grew into a reference not guest to this area’s young natives of the Azoria region and grew within the Azoria’s cultural influx as a region’s distinction identity without growing beyond any noticeable distinction with any of the ruling Guild’s houses’ cultural influences and hierarchies pre-set traits.

The time traveler felt confident that this time his future has steadied into an order and control of his preference and more importantly, worthiness as he was about to engaged the children in using their concentration of logical, instantaneous revelations in order to placed that aura of nervousness back into the day’s unusually strong social environment when the school’s dean stepped into the class.

The entire class including Jodah looked up at her with most of the students noisily turning the chairs of their two section wood, movable chair-desks a quarter turn in response to the Dean’s closing the door behind her in a subtle but attention-getting, sudden-like manner.

Dean Abhigya, a small woman with medium length, dark brown hair that hangs just passed her shoulder. She was dressed in a long indigo dress with a large white collar that cover her upper arms, shoulders and upper back with a triangular opening in front showing where the top part of her dress came across behind it from underneath her arms tightly against her skin. The dress extending down tightly around her body until it passes her knees’ area revealing another fabric of the same silky quality but white that deceptively continues from underneath the top fabric extending the wrap ever lower just pass her calf muscle as like the upper yet hanging more freely before another deceptively extension appears from under the second hem. This third portion of the dress is more thicker with lighter bluish shade consistent with the indigo richness silky material of the dress’ uppermost portion hanging more loose down to the ankle area where its slight round flared hung above her rough leather shoes covering the shoe’s height area that can be seen as she walk reaching upward only high enough to cover her ankles.

She was holding her hands together in front of her; hanging the right hand over the left with her right palms pressing against the back of her left hand. Her fingers on her right hand was curling and squeezing under the left smallest, far finger as both hands held closed.

She looked intently at Jodah forcing eye contact with her large brown eyes and oval-shaped childish reflecting face. As Jodah realized she was hinting him to watch her closely and as she saw that her hint was received announced to the class; “Children! There an emergency at the Ministry of Science today and all schools are instructed to send all students home immediately. So, let’s move it, to home all of you! And Professor Vin?’ Now looking directly at Jodah, “I have an important matter to discuss with you about this emergency so, one moment, please!”

She then for the first time since entering the classroom looked at the many faces of the children, instinctively and saying, “And exit in an orderly manner also, please!” then she turned her attention back to their instructor.

Jodah now brought his hands in front of his mouth like to start to warm them with a breath in a side to side semi-close palm facing each other position but after a single breath he lower both of them to the area below his rib cage then straighten relaxing his stance while moving his left hand over and behind his moving right elbow while bringing his right hand up to push sweat up over his forehead to the top of his spine point on the back of his head afterwards with his sights maintaining contact with Dean Abhigya‘s as he brought his hand back to the front of head back to the front of head placing his first two fingers on his chin and used his thumb against the upper corner of his neck below the chin.

At this point of Jodah’s apparent unconscious bodily motions he loudly said as the students eagerly grabbing their books and packing their bags “You heard her young lasses and young lads! Now, don’t topple her and homework is on a schedule for times like this. So, you know what have to be done!”

Jodah want to check in detail on the exiting student’s gears and alertness on their assignments’ schedule but the Dean’s nervousness was too evident for him to return his full attention back to his students and away from her.

As the last student left the class the Dean walked slowly toward the window on Jodah’s right moving around the hastily yet neatly rows of chairs and desks the student’s left as part of their exiting routine.

Jodah listening to the last student closing the door the way the Dean had entering the room, but in a more quieter fashion and at the last moment just as deliberated noticeable with closing as an announcement as the Dean’s entrance.

Jodah paused for a second and as he was about to ask, “What is happening at the Science Department main compound across town,” but the Dean was the first to talk by saying “Enough of these disguises!”

As she announced this, an illusion appeared on Jodah’s mind showing an image of an Argivian Mountain Range while the Dean features change into a partially armored angel with two sets of white wings.

As the Dean appearance fade from around the angel, the illusionist asked “Do you miss our home: The Dominaria where we both are known?”

Jodah quickly moved his eyes slightly upwardly half way across to his right while exhaling hard with only his nostril. He then visualized a sword and a shield behind his desk and started to reach for them while sternly asking “Who are you?”

The angel alert to Jodah movements answered in a calm and clear tone “My name is Mika-Ella of the southern continent of our times called Caliman.

I am, well, I have apparently became trapped in this time-place while chasing a wild planeswalker, a merfolk named Atlantae.”

Jodah now standing in arm reach of his light concentrated weapons asked, “A planeswalker merfolk? A mermaid!? Leave these grounds! I can’t help you!”

The angel looked on calmly for a few seconds while standing by his classroom’s windows then she turned to look thru the window and said, “I would love return to our Dominaria but I fear I may affect the timelines. You see that merfolk was…”

Jodah becoming nervous interrupt, “If you need a means to return I may be able to help but…”

The angel who has stopped talking when Jodah interrupted her now speaking sharply said “You have already shown me your portal.”

Jodah hearing this as he was continuing talking “I can’t allow you walk in here in a … Huh? I had done what?” Then with a short pause said “Affect the timelines? Who did you say you…? What? Have you?? What going on?!

Mika Ella kept looking out the windows quietly until Jodah realized that it was him who was the oddity of her position and of their time space.

Then he calmly asked “Okay, taken that I don’t know who and what happened, I can’t ignore the possibilities of an altered past with my history”

Mika-Ella turned toward Jodah and said “I didn’t effect history, yet. You have affected our history and I can’t continue unless I talked to you now instead of tomorrow morning.

Jodah who now resisting from becoming more forceful toward the unusual four winged angel asked, “How did I affect my history?”

Mika-Ella then said “You must confront her alone this time and don’t compromise you’re…” Mika-Ella suddenly became quiet as the real Dean Abhigya opened the door and entered the room.

Jodah looked toward her as she stepped into the room wearing and looking as the angel’s illusion of her. The Dean asked immediately “Oh I thought you’re in here with someone, You sound like you were talking.

Jodah clumsily covered his awkwardness by starting to move his feet toward the windows saying, “Good Morning, I’m a little impatient with the window cleaner and feel your restrictions against my more minor engaging usefulness…”

With a stern and rash, the Dean’s voice abruptly reprimanded Jodah, “No. You will remain on the floor while working on the school grounds with your two shoes touching, Professor. Do you see me overstating my position and rank? Custodians are compensated a little extra to climb up building walls and you aren’t.”

Jodah now smiling while hiding his closer examination of the cloak from the dean’s senses the angel has erected inconspicuously said, “I prefer a less, an effortless view. Clearer windows are also good for the students’ morale also.

The dean respond by saying “Minor and too risky for one of my teachers.


Now listen, there’s a reason why I’m here for you. There’s an emergency at the Ministry of Science’s compound and seeing that your class already gone means that you already know that all classes are suspend until further notice for there has been a summon sent out for a conference on the compound.

All the deans and principle researchers are expected on the compound tomorrow morning and you are to be my assistant for this function. There’s also a debriefing in about a half hour in my office with a couple of the minister’s assistants who haven’t arrived, yet.”

Jodah when hearing the dean’s instructions only stood staring out the window; no longer feinting examining the cleanness of the glass’ pane nor feinting staring at the outside scenery while listening. Hearing what his next assignment is, his head slowly and longingly glanced toward the other window on his left as to start to turn to face the dean but stopped quickly to inspected the other window’s pane while undiscovered by the Dean that he was looking at the angel’s face and the angel’s story.

He then answered, “Yes, it seems the children were more aware of these developments than I was. Any ideas on what this emergency is?”

The Dean answered “The Science department has obtained an object that they think might be of an alien origin.”

Jodah now turned fully to his left giving the dean a sense that he was presenting his undivided attention for her last minute preconcertation before both of them meet with the Minister’s messengers.

As she walked toward Jodah he started to move a couple of steps past the angel so the Dean wouldn’t disrupted the invisibility illusion the angel has placed but the Dean stepped in front of the first window instead, positioning Mika-Ella partially between him with her. Jodah may a soft breath of relief noting that the angel adjusted the invisibility of the illusion so it applied a slightly transparent view on his senses while maintaining a thoroughly transparency for the Dean.

The Dean glanced over noticing his restrained sign of panicky in which he adjusted his posturing and facial expressions into a caught hidden stupor expression. Jodah moved to the area behind the dean toward the door noticing Mika-Ella softly stepping toward the direction of his desk passing away from the windows. Reaching the door he quickly closed the door and turned toward the dean lifting his arm while his hand started a gesture toward his principle but the words was paused before they were pronounced by the dean’s.

The dean anticipating a comment about her timing of the assigning of this appointment brought up command in her voice saying “And this time can you be more idealistic, more often. You’ve sound so brilliant with them before last time they visit here when you decided to entertain them with your wild witty babblings instead of allowing them to intimidate us like they tried to do.

As much as I’ve found your overall demeanor embarrassing as a member of my staff, your comments was productive and situational beneficial.”

Hearing this, Jodah remember the incident in which one of those so-called principle researchers and that time with several departments’ ministers’ staff members was touring their school and the researchers was desperately trying to prove themselves in the expense of the dean by trying in vain to speak of the contents of the subjects they was discussing in a manner that she couldn’t keep up with, all in order to win a false sense of higher esteem with the other departments’ ministers thru their staff members present then. When they failed at this they resorted to a bunch of dirty political and charismatic tactics which would have worked if he didn’t intervene with some direct wisdom-loaded rude truism and allowed the highly wise and intellectually inclined dean the opportunity to prove her superiority as an exceptional administrator.

Her reminding him of this incident made him blush and he knew her timing of mentioning this incident was meant to let him know there’s will be no reconsideration about her appointment for her assistant for this emergency conference at the Minister Of Science compound.

Jodah reply after subtly clearing his throat, ”An hour? At in your office”

The Dean walked by Jodah to the classroom door saying “Make it under a half hour.”

Opening, exiting and closing the classroom’s door Jodah immediately turned to looked at Mika-Ella; who was now examining the papers on his desk, pausing first to give the Dean time to reach the range limits of overhearing anything they would say and then said “Your grace, I really must insist that you find another to meet this planeswalker especially with your hints on a possible confrontation. I’m better suited for other endeavors and isn’t in good disposal to chase planeswalkers across planes and times. You best…”

Jodah became momentarily speechless as the angel change her image into a projection of him and as he saw this happening while starting to blocked this new illusion but was distracted when he also sensed the angel’s established an spiritual field with him and felt the angel’s psychic sense coming from the skies over his home in his memories at a time-place he kept fortified in his mind.

What caught Jodah’s continuous reasoning process was that her psychic sense came to him in the same approach and manner that another angel he had admired during those times in his original timeline used before. He instantly considered to defeat the logic of all this and was about to repeat his predisposal suggestions by saying “I can’t just take on chasing planeswalkers across planes! Now or as before, my grace, this will be beyond my…”

His words stopped again as he felt something that was too familiar from her as he contained and ward her psychic sense defensively while adjusting his last comment to address but Mika-Ella spoke with a subtle yet fierce demand to be heard as soon as she felt the change in his feelings by saying “On our Domania, in Alaborn I’m known as an archangel” but her explanation went without its intended purpose as in Jodah’s mind then evident in the classroom his powerful white mana surge brought him to an alert strong poise as he finished with a mood changing explanation “Whenever you find yourself my grace, you’re a planeswalker.”

Then with a louder voice, Jodah said “I will ask you once again to…”

Mika-Ella’s head turned to facing the famous arch-magus with her eyes becoming more alive and vibrant as Jodah felt his body became encased with a more improved and stronger armor made of the white mana that he has disciplined his sub-conscious to manifested when he noted a presence of a planeswalker. This time the white mana that was drawn and control wasn’t controlled by him while its source was of the same source he drawn from in the environment’s atmosphere. Then with a slight hint of panic; the mana flow snapped back to under his control yet this energy that is now once again reinforcing his strength, improved his armor, sword and shield with new depths of  compensations for his concentrations feeling sounder and heavier in a different ways than he has projected earlier.  

He started to lifted the sword and shield from behind his desk then suddenly hesitated feeling the excessive jolt priming up to ready fly the items to him at his orders and with a thought of “How come such a defensive measure is necessary and why heed this visit as a necessary confrontation at all.” All line of reasoning Jodah deducted by his own examination earlier became clearer as well as proven to concluded that any direct forceful challenges was already over.

 With the full acceptance and understanding of the potential nature this angel have been disciplined with wasn’t beyond his grasp of comprehension as well as obvious of been of the same nature that has always served him summed up on their unspeakable level of communication and had the mage wondering more hows, why nows and why him and then how again as he desperately in vain was seeking logic that can relieved and prove that their’s purposes wasn’t of the same defining account nor meant to take place as a related plane for existing yet the angel’s power was too tantamount of the energies’ surge his anger brought up to be discounted as coincidence even with the strong disposition the magus allowed to lingered on as his preferred trained for reasoning about been thrust into this matter.

Jodah refocused his tempered force as he realized it became a case for a manner of subertuge for him to utilized in order for him to regain control of or an advantage for his contentment. His facial expression instinctively changed while he stared at Mika-Ella slowly from the confounded expressions into an assertive yet reasonable indulgence which was short-lived as the unavoidable proverbial “how” logic deducted that he must be convincing with an acceptance of what his immediate future entails with the angel that met him the first time in that future but Jodah kept the revelation in reserved as a physically manifested appalled expression.

Thinking fast, the human mage tried to think up terms that will release him of any responsibilities of the unfolding events that about to occurred in or to his time lines but all Jodah could appeal with was his original statement in which he resorted to shouting with more determination for meaning, “I can’t just take on chasing planeswalkers across the time-lines. You are been preposterous even to think of me for such a confrontation!!”


  (Excerpts from The Chapter "Trafficking Chaos" Of The Trilogy "Magic, The Gathering's: 'Desperate Ploys," Part II, "Earthen Origins" Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering; Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)


With her people now falling one by one to her Warknights blows and clubbings, relaxed the queen. Feeling this knowing that the rioting can be ended with no more fatalities to her subjects. She left the city area alone moving quickly northeast into the marshes around New Detroit to see can she isolated the whereabouts of this influential conduct's source.

She now felt different about these coming signs and more concerned. She knows now the energies density textures indicated that the source was moving farther east, through and past her kingdom toward the nations of Rhigold and Calima Red. 

The Coastal region of Calima Red, a goblin's strongholds and ports, where she decided to enforced a vicegerent responsibility for their more organized southern cities would also be her concern. Queen Torija was subversively using force to guarantee that the goblins' nation's northern coast cities, where the more stronger and more wealthy goblins' tribes has developed a thriving shipping commerce, will continue on been profitable for her southeast coast investments.

Rioting in the southern cities would become more disastrous the her armies did to their previous chieftains, wizards and mages who wasn no longer fulfilling that area's sense of stability back then.

The whole idea of this random rioting and the unusual behavior that started in the continent's largest city, the human's port city of Lietzborg on the west coast spreading east within the Alaborn borders was also no longer to be taken lightly. Until yesterday, The Queen of Dakmor found the news hilarious until she discovered that it was spreading onto her roads in her borders. That when she was force to lift her Nightstalkers from the marshes into the higher planes of the area in order to protect her interests traveling thru the marshes to and from the Caliman's humans main port. Then reports of the angels in New Trokin and Alaborn city quarantining the roads in Alaborn landscapes forced her to engaged what she saw as silliness as a major threat toward her.

She was moving quickly in a near trot than walking in a high cobs and sparsely covered area of the marshlands east of New Detroit, an industrial city close to her country's capital, The Wall City of Dakmor as she checked both her powder tubes, loading one with a round peddle and after packing it down against the sulfur powder mixture, she place them both behind her sword's belt, one on front of each hip. She then moved in a near-run as she trotted for nearly two and a half hours avoiding the mud ponds and shallow lakes. She realized the denser energies patterns causing the rioting was shifting, which only meant the source was moving faster and farther from her either in a motorized contraption or on horseback but at least for certain on ground.

She have her doubts about this energies that inducing the population into random exhausting violent behavior is of sorcery yet the idea of some kind foreign influence and until she can isolated this source can't be sure what she fighting.

The Queen concluded the source or the host of this Chaos Demi-god's conduit was heading to the area where the giants bodies are in the abundance or was already there. Torija knew that it may take just under a full day's ride to covered the distance by the fastest motorized wagons and over 18 hours by horseback with a hard drive but with a strong Coastal Drake can cover the near 800 miles in just under 15 hours and may arrived there in time to challenge the source before the giants are induce to attack any of her vicegerent rule like Port Dax in the goblins' Calima Red southeast coast or worst by returning to Dakmor capital city area.

She decided to telepathically signal her Highflyers and her personal Vanguards who unlike the War Knights are more of a corporeal charged life substance different than her War Knights who are augmented humans with more needs toward their health condition. The Vanguards are unrecoverable human shells recieving permanent service as planes from her all corporeal soldiers.

The Nightstalkers would initially attempt to take severely wounded soldier into the marshes from the battlefields and use their vessel as passage to the different existences of the spiritual planes. When a soldier manage to take over himself before becoming undead and a fatality to the world he would will and carry himself under the Nighstalker life's energies to the gates of the Walled City Of Dakmor. Upon arrival in sight of the gates on of the Queen maidens always seems to sense his proximity and immendiately seal his name and memories to the Nightstalker's energy and the energy would feed the soldiers vitals forever.

Only Vanguards are allowed to pilot the conditioned and special treated drakes that Dakmor populance called HighFlyers. Highflyers are drakes that was harnessed then trained for saddle or to pulled featherwood framed airships and really wasn't tamed but only rein in a matter that resisting the steering hints were quite painful. When drakes become adapted for saddles and harnesses then finally give in to the training while growing accustomed to the new easy life as well-fed pets is when they are reverted back into the dangerous predators that are infamous known in Dakmor's service.

The domesticating is diverted by a special diet that would bring up their wild-side with new degrees and depths of savagery. Even after they readjusted to life around The Walled City and Lake Asthranae as unmuzzled Highflyers, these breeds of Coastal Drakes and their smaller cousins from the Talas Islands region was under the pilot's psychic discretions for their freedom and breeding.

Torija found the breeding as a necessity because of the side-effects of bringing their primal instincts to surface.The breeding accomodated the treatment allowing the reconditioning to fully and properly surface and even while their are in harness or saddled, her trained drakes are obvious far from tamed or under mind control.Even after losses of Vanguards during the Drake training period, the position remained exclusively available to be filled from the Vanguards ranks. The Dakmor throne viewed finding someone "with such bravery and an intolance toward cowardly that can challenge the wills of the generations of Dakmor into leaving the safety of the marshes and the darkness back into the battle" as the only true test to qualify the opportunity to attempt to bring in the flesh-eating drakes to answer to and defend their homage to Dakmor. Dakmor's cliffs is the southern coast of Dakmor extending the entire southern coast where they live unchallenge until the throne decide on their potential to their lands is more welcoming and a better compensation for their demanding hunger than extermination.

The Vanguards and Highflyers are the most advanced soldiers on Caliman continent. The near-immortal Vanguards are also one of the most revered military position in Dakmor and main reason why Dakmor is the most feared military force of their time.

The queen's personal Highflyers team are rarely muzzled and the Vanguards that handling them are completely loyal and overprotective of Dakmor and their Queen in such a way that the Warknights grew accustom in competing with them to prove they have the same appreciative drives for their native land and loyalty to their immortal queen. The hints the queen gives her personal drakes are perceived far faster and more clearer than any psychic note that the Vanguards can deliver into them. Even with no conditioning the strenght that the queen deliveries for their exertion or pain when necessary are of a more authoritarian's nature and of an authority's speed in thought.

Queen Torija of Dakmor calling for her personal Highflyers which made her legendary with their battles in the northwest coastal area against Dragons and in Rhigold southern area against giants proving herself as the most fierce combatants found in Caliman was wondering would this become her turn to test a planeswalker.

After signaling them to travel above the road going to Mt. Corrolla until they catch up with her, the queen decide to checked the wildlife for any more signs of the Chaos spread. After changing her trotting to a more southeastern angle toward the road and adjusting her probes to check all levels of perceptions around her she instantly sensed the incursion energies more clearly. She kept on moving toward the road for a short time looking for signs of the same effects with the wildlife when as a dozen or more Wheat Avens passed over her heading southeast toward the the partial patchy, less wooden, more tropical areas beyond the Rhigold borders. The marshes in this area moving toward the Dakmor borders into Rhigold's Mt. Corolla directions turned from mostly moist soil to a moist sandy land with deep salt-water pools astrayed by the plant growth visible in-between the different sizes of pools. The pools are connected by hard running streams digging into bankwalls of centuries old runnies carving inward to Dakmor directly from the sky lakes caderas' waterfalls from Lake Mt. Corrolla and Lake Mt. Vitrae. 

The vegetation in the area thrives selfishly aside of the salty waters. Some of the oldest fauna in the continent are found here. Most are small trees or thick branched bushes which are more defining from the darkish and green marsh landscapes in the more brownish and light tan dominating backgrounds. Unusual palms trees becomes more evident as the more temperate's climate trees becomes less populating and old runnies from the skylakes in and surrounding Mt. Corrolla.

Mt Corrolla, Mt. Vitrae and Mt. Shift are dormant volcanoes with heated salt water lakes in their caderas at a point where the Calima Red Mountains is closest to the eastern coast. The lakes overflow creating waterfalls and fast moving deep creeks called runnies. The runs joins in the salt marsh into lands as reinforcing the lands unique appeal seen by the Caliman residence of the north.

The Wildlife that transverse the area here by Dakmor eastern borders knows that the marshes provide enough nourishment at isolated patches of fresh growth where underground river rise from the ground with fresh waters. These springs are temporary on the surface and the area it effected are small and surrounded by the marsh more hostile semi-desolate terra. Since the rising of Lake Asthranae more of these temporary oasis has been shortly appearing.

Lake Asthranae next to the southern wall of Dakmor capital city is one of these fresh water springs. One of the city's mining crew intentionally disrupted a passage of a underground river by collasping the land above it and forcing the water create a man-made lake.

Since that mining site started as an evacation project that led to exhausted quarry and was halt by the underground river, the Dakmor throne allowed the engineers of the site this discretion. Since then what was known as a tyrannical rule grew into strong industrial area with natives enjoying better living condition than any other nations in Caliman.

The wildlife knows when these springs occurring and Queen Torija understood the birds ranges over these areas She saw the Wheat Avens that now resides here from their regular areas to the northeast around the Alaborn/Rhigold/Dakmor borders was returning to the more safety of the palm-like trees to the immediate east in south Rhigold.

She were considering to make use of one as a scout and as she thought this Torija instinctive not steal a buddy unsuccessfully which diverted her attentions from her tracking.

The queen smiled as she started self-talking while she examined the aven's will's defenses and found an old Caliman aura fending away her simple concentrated effort.

She said softly "The Lord Of The Land isn't considering discretion this time with me? Why did the Calima's mother's spirit spied and pestle me?"

Torija started thinking of the other times she was checked by the consciousness naturally occurring pure green energy force. Torija knew the trafficking chaos spread would be a concern of the continent's governing positions but now wondering what kind of potential inside this threat would stirred the very life source of the land in full physical active involvement and interaction.

In the past The Lord Of The Land has always chosen either the goblin privateers', the clairvoyant Captain Torgen of Calima Red's northern shipbuilding port city of Tanko or the Magma Wizard Lord Draves from one of the western islands of Quadopa-Anglest'e or of'course the Land's spirit's favor, the human juggernaut Lord Bo'Jess from the Calima Red/Rhigold north bordering lands who been working around the mountain pass trading post on the west side of the central region of the Calima Red Mountains range called East Flats.

Since the Mother's Spirit's always rely on the natives of the regions when any phenomenon of a powerful supernatural doing occurs by any would-be sorcerer or a lost planeswalker wandering happens against the land's defense. thinking this, the visit in Dakmor shouldn't be surprising to the queen. The Lord Of The Land's always gathered her chosens from the immediate vicinity of the disturbances and lead them into the phenomenon range.

The queen start thinking of other incidences in which the Archangel Mika-Ella who isn't of Caliman's nativity and also a planeswalker would be the first detected and disposed any threats before the Land's spirits realized what was happening. To the archangel her charges in Alaborn and as Queen Torija has frequently stated about the archangel ventures "for her other chosen concerns anywhere, a planeswalker feels like planeswalker concerns are for only her."

Then Torija started thinking of those colorful pair of strange dragons and then herself as the only powers whom has been the most constant sucessful defenders against the supernatural complicated sorts and suches in the ranges of inhumanly comprehension.

This last thought brought a smile to the queen face in a sudden manner as she disengaged from the dark brownish grey bird and realigned her senses to track the demi-god's pathways.

The queen start thinking in a manner of summing up her day activities entertaining herself with the idea on what she really was doing in the marshes this day. Knowing she was always looking for any excuse to get away from her palace and walled city while noting that it always felt good to avoid or delay her Dakmor's economics administrating functions which was more strenuous to her than any combat challenges or wizards evicting. She cfelt confirmed with her reservations as her prioritized duties of her ruling reign.

Then she thought how the archangel doesn't bother with these kind of neighborly woes by thinking planeswalkers probably can banished other types of problems more effortlessly anyhow than these demonic bodily vessels voyagers with their tainted conduits and/or inticing conducts and its always seem best for the closest best mentalist, magici... Torija suddenly changed her focus by adjusting her train of thinking by blurting out quietly, "I mean mentalist mathematician to secure the safety."  Then she stop whispering and focus more intentionally on her tracking again.

After a couple minutes she caught sight of a shadow moving across her vision. She psychically reach to identify the seemly humanly figure but couldn't located or find what she visually seeing. Torija lift up the black energies from the marshes grounds and constructed the energies into a full armor coat and then formatted her eye-touch aura.

She screamed, "At last, to strike unchecked!" then using her eye-touch, she attempted to grab the figure what was about 30 feet in front of her but the shadow she was looking at lacked any physical texture but was of a visible physical dimensional form which to her means there is an energy source there for her to strike.

Torija then instantly casted a low distortion pulse directly from under the shadow using the marsh black energies in the shadow's structure hoping to send an uncomfortable abruptness to jar back the solid light energy to whomever was projecting the illusion.

The marsh-energy risen and felled around the silhouette which stopped the shadow's in mid-step and instead of continuing the walking by ignoring what the queen was doing the shadow turned and looked toward her direction.

Torija brought in her eye-touch and made a distortion field around herself building its density while waiting for the shadow next move. But the shadow only stood there staring at her. After about few seconds Torija sensed a voice coming from the shadow saying, "I mean you no harm, I only passing by."

Torija answered, "I am Queen Torija of Dakmor, you are inside my country's borders, identify or defend yourself." The shadow answered "I have no name for your address, I am a figment manifested by another, whom I, call Lord Bo'Jess of Rhigold. I must with no tarry joined him as he approach the sky lakes. There's fear in the hearts of our mothers of Caliman. Forgive me, I have no more time to spare in addressing you." Then the shadow continued on his quick moving pace. 

As the shadow continued on walking to the east, Torija reconsider using another attempt to subdued the strange shadow when she involuntarily start self-talking again. "A figment means he exist inside Bo'Jess mind and I am tracking a conduit psychically. Since Bo'jess has shown and proven to have havened an irrepressible psionically charged force and of great resilience and stamina from time to time in the past during times like these strange events that are passing, what I must have been looking or perceiving at is a major clue and that clue is moving east... Hmmm... Southeast.

Then again she start talking softly with her soft refocusing voice and at the same time gathered her sensitive perceptions tightly around her. saiding, "Bo'Jess must have found the source or something esle had and he's been drawn to it by the Land's spirit and here I thought this was sorcerer's doings meant for sorcerers to undo."

Torija adjusted her mind-state centering herself with her nation's concerns then telepathically place more an urgent note in her reptilian flyers to wait for no Vanguard, Warknight nor harness and get to her immediately." Then the Marsh Queen start running full speed toward the road.

The queen was now smiling more naturally while relaxing into a calm feeling to secured a firmer train of thought and immediately start trotting while now carefully becoming more attentively to her physical environment toward the road.

The Sentencing Of Grief.
By Geo. E. Burks
(A 500 Word reformatted (Test Run,)Called The Sentencing Of Grief Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering, Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. U.S.A.; Written By Geo. E. Burks.)
He felt confident as the archangel stared at the human body grafted in the scales at the dragon's neck demanding "You... You... Marshal release him immediately!" Then Chief Justice Draves answered, "the dragon or this merciless planeswalker?"
The Archangel then angrily threaten, "Draves, how dare you, correct this morbid alteration or I will execute you!" Draves seeing the Archangel was rising her energies quickly said, "This planeswalker slaughter over 200 people, made sport of our children and women, then contested the surviving males to match his atrocities. I can't be merciful by you and I can't forgive him by our's laws, Calima Laws." then relaxing in a deep breath, he argued,
"Ella, you and I never really like each other but we understood each other. I'm half-human in my genes and half-goblin in the sights of your human charges. They fear me because I bested them to force their own laws on them for all of the humans, goblins, even the orcs and stalkers. It wasn't to please you angels, It was for them to understand what make them wrong. It's their measures that prevented me from immolating this dragon into this monster for the reconciliation for our losses. I do not like these laws after witnessing the devaluing of such cared and loved purpose. This man is aware as an inuring impresario to this prehistoric dragon while he is resurrecting her heart with his spark, feeding her slowing life energies until I no longer grieved his lost of compassion.
And until that time Ella, I advised you to end your charades on the values due for the losses to a city of our Calima and ask for forgiveness from my anger and my humanity for demanding his release or we both will be this monster's last victims." Then Draves clenched his fists bringing his energies to full strength.
In the mind's-eye sight of the seven angels and the archangel, Draves' body flared in an embedded blueish-green glow of tampered flames and to the ends of every waving blade changing to green then yellowish-orange, cutting the air around him with red tips that when folding it's searing tip pointing to any of the angels felt like a nightwood fire on hands that was too close for comforting warmth.
The archangel looked farther therein and found a sobbing imago of Draves dominating the passioniate energies. She refocused to her natural sight and then saw the natural watery substance of tears mixed in with his unchecked rising rage. She lifted her right hand up ordering her escorts to leave the half-built bridge hanging on the dragon's neck.
Afterward she addressed Draves by saying "You are not well demonstrating this better resolution for both our grief, Marshal, I beg you talk to Lii-Mon, a friend we both like and I also should talk to a friend.
Until I return to continue this warrant discussion, take care of this grief, Justice. I, too feel my impressible self grieving soundly with you. Good day, Lord.

Enter subhead content here


(Excerpts from A Magic, The Gathering Series, Draft I'm Composing Titled, Desperate Ploys. 

Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series Magic, The Gathering, Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)


Oh mighty men, how can you boast?

After the many ways we trampled your gross!

Oh, how can you even asked what we can boast?

For our ways was refined from other mighty men woes!


And its assured that we will trample again

Your wrong gross from the start to its times' end.

Yet, We can't say it is of our mighty nor our boast.

Yet feel assured we will tread 'til the end of this toll.

For a price that trifle our bigger boast!


This is our bargain with a clear defining toll!

Or your words present passages will be the host only boast.

It is our's who have yet to stray from trampling the discerning most.

For it is in those high places where the mighty do boast.


Tempt the temperance?

By and with a difference?

Heavily weighted by men claiming mighty with a thought or a quote?

Remade our dues by these cares are why we chosen no boast.

And lest you didn't hear our trample strike twice within this toast.


Loudness afar and silent near within our hearts of hosts.

Such gross you wantonly covet from our shared airs as we be 

This is why we claim them and you our gross.

So, lest you failed to late our passing then tis you are these true gross.


Such a hindrance as your's as you are as a begotten woes' claim,

Such snares for your apathic misappropiations and tortfuls to shame!

Yet for our trust its to your ends with an honorable tread while you boast!

And then your's will be a boast as you alone as the only gross.

While we timed dash and trample your astray gross again with no vain nor vain boast.


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