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George Eddie Burks

The Individuals' Constitutional Truth

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Cats In An Imperfect World
                                    (excerpts from a prose by Geo. E. Burks)

Peppy saw his buddy Stalwart, passing by and ran over to spent some time with his favorite rambling partner; thinking that life couldn't get anymore better now that he has secured the stability in the constantly demanding world. Stalwart recognized Peppy immediately and first was excited seeing his younger times litter brother after missing him greatly in in the passed year but as his friend came closer; he smell the human scent all over the slick laid peppered orange tabby feline's coat and saw a new sense of upright stature has overcame peppy's steps.

Stalwart's stature went to a long tired look from the active bliss stature that was growing at Peppy's meowing call and quick steps his way then the silver-grey tabby turned and went about his way oignoring Peppy reached him with a playful pouncing and rolling fall off the cat back. Stalwart only shrubbed the weight of his best hunting-mate and then turned toward the wooden area in more a sprint than a brisk pace as Peppy with no problem kept pace but couldn't intercept to altered the cat pace.

As Stalwart darted under and into the first lining of bushes at the edge of the woods Peppy stop and smell all the memories of hunting and been hunted, those mist of stinging dust flipping all around him, the wet coating smell and masking weight of the slippery hardwall tunnels and even the stomach pains after winning the sleeping prey which was the strongest memory and the one that finally led him to fear the foilage life of the woods and forced him into the under-caves on the humans' territories. Peppy stopped immediately and simply watched Stalwart disappeared deeper in the bushes leaving the orange tabby standing only so close to the bush's first outreaching branch to stare into the shadows of the leafy cape listening to his old buddy's movement until the movements stopped in a step. The silence that followed induced Peppy to instinctively laid low to the ground setting to leap into a dash at an anticipating light murring sounding challenge; as the oldest game these two cats know and played for hours at no ends as kittens.

When Stalwart stopped with the no longer seeing nor hearing Peppy trailing him and no longer smelling the sour-sweet scent of a human body in his immediate vicinity after passing by the first bush; he looked back toward where he has came from to stared toward the woods' edge and listened for any signs of movement from any wide angle of where he thought Peppy would continued his plead for fun from. He heard none.

The grey tabby then laid comfortable in the soil to allow the human scent to completely leave his senses until all was remaining was his markings for the trail he was using. All doing this time the cat quietly remained in that spotted where he was watching for Peppy to enter this domain in which humans doesn't enter for he can address his younger brother to see if there were new tricks to learn or new games to play but Peppy didn't enter these woods of where they was both born after him. The waiting started Stalwart to reminince about the younger days with his brothers and sister; about the sense of security they had with each other; how they helped and protected each other and the fun they had playing with each other which lifted that active, alert bliss stance from inside the crafty cat to his present demeanor. As this blissful state started to take over Stalwart he begin to signal his sibling but suddenly an strong instinctive warning was felt suddenly; a dreadful feeling that he was stalked by a hunter; a human hunter. This dread stopped him before the moment when was going to make the low high-pitch murring challenge to his brother; Peppy and caused Stalwart to take on full alert; becoming more still in watching around him and now he was watching for threats with ready to spring away from any sound, sight or smell of a human's body around him.

Peppy waited and waited until it became time for the smaller human to return to the den to clean-carress his fur with the bunch of soft thick whispers she kept in one of shady wooden cups she had stacked near their bedding. Yet Peppy couldn't moved because he can still feel Stalwart thinking about him close-by and can smell his fresh trail ahead of him. Peppy then thought to coerced Stalwart to his new bedding place with the humans and as he released his ready to pounce recoiling tension those memories that caused him to feel uncomfortable overcame him but instead of heeding to the frightening imagery that accompanied the memories the amazing strong tabby and made a loud long meowing sound as if he was hurt and calling out to his family to come to aid.

When Stalwart heard the call he was in high alert of his hated humans' enemies recognized Peppy's voice but the memories of Peppy smelling more like humans' than the cat he knew Peppy was triggered his drive to survive. Stalwart springs away from the sound and now sprinting harder than before the confused kept fleeing from his brother in fear that the humans will take him also to place he doesn't know.

Peppy kept yearning until he..., (to be cont.)

Abortion Argument:
Pro-Life And Pro-Choice


From the files of

Geo. E. Burks/344-64-4917

515 E. End St. #206

Calumet City, IL. 60409.

05-30-02 (revised 06-07-04)

Do The Land Of Free Choice Has Free Responsibilities?!

Perspective By Geo. E. Burks.

FREE CONDOMS!!! Did you notice the strong emphasis at the end of this notice? Of’course you do!! This is the known part?! Did you notice the strong emphasis at the beginning of the notice? Of'course, this is the most urgent need!?! Now, what the most important part of this notice?!!

What people failed to see is how an unavoidable answer can be the #1 catalyst of its need. Its’ we ‘you know’ if we do see and we ‘you know’ if we do want. Blind for love is the lesser than lust for love and with this formula activated, my first thought is "do our youth know many one can get if X=free?"?!

Next up is responsibility?! Hmmm, this is complicated, lets see, does we encourage the activities that can bring a new variable of love into a contagious formula?! I know that one could easily weight their future on a momentary discomfort in their present short lifetime, but it’s the integrated lessons in experiencing the forming of the contagious mode of tought.  This formwork is best describe as our student of life and is leading toward our futuristic state of mind dued by these momentary discomforts and momentary lessons and this is what worries my future outlooks for our society and inducing questions like "why should X= a sound free?!"

Definitely an errrrr right for the positive variable and that a sound full for err!!! The easy the feelings toward DE-FEAT-US outward, the more affirmed THIS-A-VOW-YOU- make as a future part from you as a waste of time for our positive efforts?!?

We may be the land of free choice for many things including our future, yet these future judgments lie in the hands of the values we have for the life our youth will lead. If this STUDENT OF LIFE is to learn from our youth then we granting that precious freedom of choice to what would be known as their true worth of THE FETUS AND THIS IS A VALUE that are naturally inherited by our sound freedom.

Imagine when the time comes when they will have carried on and find themselves surveying their charges as our youth. I fear that there will be too many viewing over this and thinking "I thought defeated these bothrsome little things a long time ago" and  "this is free and easy!!?"

They would ponder this thinking "How can so many become to an age of my notice when during our times life was so free and easy?!! Wait a minute, WE DEFEAT US?!?"

Without the values of the bundle of what the defeating us true values are, then how can the youth comprehend the singular act of love outside the singular variable that brought them to and then out of our homes. If those daydreamers momentarily pondering failed to visualize the truth in these bundles of that kind of love, 'well, one thing for sure, Its was then and actually now its free and easy to see why.' For the discomfort is still there when they took notice after the more experienced view in looking at what's attractive as easy and free.

Now, try to find it and and if you do, then take care to grasped the complete responsibility of this. After all love doesn’t come free and easy and its hard to keep and over-easily to destroy.

Now why do you think that one of most common used words and easy word to define and find in one's life like responsibility is such a big word in actual being. You know why, because it ain’t free. In this land of the free, some of these free things like rights, speech and choice, if taken for granted will take a cancerous growth in a devaluing you in a DE-FET-US way.

Ahhhh, another word called ADULTS is also one of those common words in the free world, see how small its is and this is attained for free and easily in being in any free country. So, to you, "you young adults, I am saying this to even as the old softy, who will adhere to pro-life in my personal responsibilities, I will support the pro-choice for my land of the bold and free, for I believe that the responsibility is as small as how big as one can be." Now anyone of you looking back to that first question and listening for it very carefully for it is a tough one, "Why??? With the word ‘free’ and the emotionsal accent of a triple ‘exclamation symbol (!!!)’ set aside, the remainder expression in the notice beginning this article is the most important part of that notice??!" Take look up there and answer this question to yourself in the place where all your responsibilities are growing!!!







It is Always What You Ask For?

Even When Not Regarding One's Way:

 Even Happiness Is For All Ways.



George Eddie Burks


19 Clinton 3E,

Bangor, Me. 00401.


June 28, 2006

The Initiation Of A New Dominion.

The Way To Any Gate Is In Ones’ Own Truth.

A Prose By Geo. E. Burks


    He spoke to the fiery skies while it was blazing in an impenetrating light.

    “Your reign over us can never be, we will conquer you like we had the rest.”

    The earth hearing this, tremble out a warning that was felt in the depths of the afar and above.

    The skies looked down and pondered; “With such strength, when would they would mastered the disillusionment to aloof and lift themselves up to us and for us to meet their address.

    The priest saw that the skies was not going to answered his plead rightfully or justified his authority. He turned to Earth and order them to circle the ones who are loyal to the skies prowess and bring them under his authority the earth trembled and fell in its own depths, then there more trembling, upheavals, storms and mayhem; finally in the brightest hour when the day was sore from the heat. The earth appeared with a span of harnessed fire and told the priest,

”We have group of their strong ones who have focus well enough to be considered of rank and was managed to trap and now we have them for your audience, sir.”

    The priest response, “This is good, bring them to me at the heights and the skies will see how we conquered the flames that was spurned in the sky realms and this will have us lifted up to the clouds and get us an answer for our address.”

    At the heights the priest looked to the sky and said, “look how those who you answered are now weak and under our bidding,” then he spoke to the flames, “Now can you lift us to your heights, so we can prove our dominion over all of earth?”

   The flames hearing this quickly responds, “Sir, Father, wait! The great sky is vast and fathomless and can’t be summon from here. You must stand firm with substance as clear as air and allow it to lift you up as high as the stars for you to be heard. Only there and at the most highest places are where the sky will address you.

    The priest demands their silence and ordered the earth to force the flames to give in to him and tell him the way to rise to the gate.

    The flames plead with the priest saying,

    “We hear you by force and we are impossible to manage, so this is not a mistake, you must have the substance in your grasp already.”

    The priest can’t finding what the flames was telling ordered the Earth escort the flames aside and to continuing persuading and pursued the flames until they tell him what is the way to their gate that take them to the place where they can lift up themselves to skies’ gates.

   After awhile the flames growing weary of the mocking of the Earth’s persistence and seeing that their harnesses was only for certain sort of fires’ and flames’ shifts decided that the priest in which was a point of madness seeking solace for the Earth’s rightful rules over itself, decide to give a statement.

    The earth hearing this decision told the priest that the flames would address the requests and show how to lift one self to the gates, so the skies will address you.

    The priest received this news and allowed them to his presence.

    The flames said to the priest, “In your life not alike others lives, you were borne to disilluded yourself by a commitment you place on yourself”

    Then another flaming fire started while looking to the skies and said, “When you address the skies, look that way and tell the skies what is it you are doing and why you must do what you doing. The skies will not hear you like Earth will hear you and the Earth knowing that the skies sees all in the light will lift you and themselves up to a gate where the sky starts, so all will see you in the light and will ask the skies for you on what to do about your self-disillusionments. For you had proclaimed yourself the rightful rule over Earth and Hell and now must find a place for your rule that would reach as afar as you have already claimed.

    The priest cried “Blasphemy!! How dare you charge me of incompetence, if it was that easy then I would never had to conquer Earth and Hell in the first place and refute your insolent not words, now dispense with the testing, for is it not obvious I do know the way to rule? Lift me to the gates where my rightful dominion will be known to all over!!!”

    The flames replied, “ Good!! For it is true you do know the way of rule and because of your last proclamation we can’t keep our fires focus away from your loyal and good Earth anymore”

    The flames then flared bright that very moment and started all around the priest and then the priest was picked him up toward the skies and then over where the Earth had bellowed the flames up from the depths and down thru their gates.

    All that the Earth heard when this happened was the flames proclaiming that if all that priest wanted was a haven for the good Earth then the priest should have accepted Earth in its nature with the truth within secured and never ordered for hell to be conquered or placed into his rule and he would lived for evermore ever contented in a heavenly place and Earth, Hell and all other places included those most afar and most high would keep themselves over the rest who would had dominion over their hot aired works and their heavy rock, but now all this priest can attained for his good Earth is contentment.




The Number One Rights With Freedom.

Every Individual have the rights to continuously reinforce and reconstitute oneself with what one found refineries and by one's own choice alone. 


From the files of

Geo. E. Burks/344-64-4917

515 E. End St. #206

Calumet City, IL. 60409



Whims’ Call And Some Sense.

New Translations From Etches On Faces.(working title)

Socio/Psycho-linguistics Works By Geo. E. Burks


PT.2: Life Scenes: Poise and Purity Between Every-way People.

Chapt. VI: The Pragmatic Sex Irreproachable Is For Grown Ups Only.

Psycho-Linguistic Analysis by Geo. E. Burks of Lucy Larcom's PLANT A TREE.


People seem to have gotten carry away with the occupation of sexual contact as one's own discretion of the known quality of a leisure time fulfilled. It has grown so that the entire original dignity of the act has been neglected and the practice of valuing it as a matter of the whole natural education and of its positive purposes as becoming in idea consistently with the observed growth process and not as the maturing process, for with all its values which are the best actions in the signaling of a symbolic crest taking form during its wake and seen as its aftermath.

Especially with the case of pre-marital situations when the underlying goals of its sense for the refining pragmatic term; "intimacy" should always be viewed in a full (a-theoritical) catharsis contention (a Scientific procedure approach, First) and not have regards of its catharsis intents as a degree of the defining term "pragmatic" in its strong translation.

The following is a work by Lucy Larcom, which is written with a pragmatic presentation that can place the ease to guilt and keep the satisfaction in the anticipating sensational demeanors.



by Lucy Larcom.^

He who plants a tree,

plants a hope.

Rootlets up through fibres blindly grope;

Leaves unfold into horizion's free.

So man's life must climb,

From the clods of time,

Unto heaven's sublime.

Canst thou prophesy, Thou little tree,

What the glory of thy boughs shall be?

He who plants a tree,

Plants a joy:

Plants a comfort that will never cloy:

Every day a fresh reality,

Beautiful and strong,

To whose shelter thong

Creatures blithe with song.

If thou couldst but know, thou happy tree,

of the bliss that shall inhabit thee!

He who plants a tree

He plants peace.

Under its green curtains jargon's cease,

Leaf and zephyr murmur soothingly;

Shadows soft with sleep,

Downtired eyelids creep,

Balm of slumber deep!

Never hast thou dreamed, thou blessed tree.

Of the benediction thou shalt be.

He who plants a tree,

He plants youth;

Vigor won for centuries in sooth!

Life of time, that hints eternity!

Boughs their strength uprear:

New shoots, every year,

On old growths appear:

Thou shalt teach the ages sturdy tree,

Youth of soul is immortality.

He who plants a plants a tree,

He plants love,

Tents of coolness spreading out above.

Wayfarere she may not live to see.

Gift that grow are best;

Hands that bless are blest;

Plant! Life does the rest!

Heaven and earth help him who plants a tree,

And his work its own reward shall be.

(^=) Greeley, Durkin: THE BOOK OF LOVE, 2002.

In the chapter; Love Of Nature

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George Eddie Burks, International. Illinois US, 60409.