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George Eddie Burks

Looking At Life's Purpose Along The Path Ways With God, Loves And Communities.

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Whims Calls And Some Sense.

 New Translations From Etches On Faces.

By Geo. E. Burks

PT. 2: Life Scenes: Poise And Purity Between Every-Way People.


 CH. III: Rights From Own.

 Is it a stay to praise a manner in address

 Or to place praise not in a quest to bless?

 When at abreast, it is of one‘s own prerogative

 For boundaries blest deems are not in one’s own keen retrospective.


 All passings or stances hath fortifying growth,

 Viewed commonarities within many hidden cloaks.

 Not the perforce’ s desires embracing our graced sentiments,

 Made in not the meeting consensus’ ranking decent.


 Even everlasting passionate unions at difference are a repressed atoning function

 And lost are the reluctances of the common stances from the strayed consensus.

 Made own by our perforce actual zesty measured comb’s conjunctions,

 Balked by deep resourcefulness of our forgotten withstanding governing junctions.


 With the valued commonarities erected vast resourcefulness

Not establishing for the reluctance respectable tilled invested.

 Provisions for the infatuated yielding durressing means,

 Governing justly irrespectively of seen placed esteems.


 It’s one’s own historical influences’ directives praises yielding to God’s cognates keen.

 It’s the formality not liberties that fortifies disclosed unions that are our interacting deems.

 All underneath our casual repertoires are these over- lapping discretions at press.

 It’s the façades not unions never withstanding God’s graceful sentimental quests.


 Signed, George Eddie Burks.




Definitely A Poise By
Geo E. Burks.
It is well, I must insist in one favor continuously,
That I will stand, prevail and assist against all the others in our great grace that failed insistently.
To persist the changes or give endeavors toward lifts and heigths, I will not excelled.
For all men has only a pair for tooling entailed cares and one place for signing hails.
When more for hands is of demand, I can too, demand and remand back not only the innocent from unfavored in-leiu.
With ensnaring verses trapping hidden prey, moving stray from pretentiuos dues and beings, not of fools' dues
For humans are such arms that can't reach where madness can.
That I know from where I am and it is well to persist and assist where I can manned.
In all favors where self-respect can always stand, assist and prevailed,
Never less than the valued zero and always earning the assist on others' self-valuing scales.
All are well persisting that no man can ever failed oneself as a self-respecting human.
With no trifle as pain and no others' portions as the paid fare is always a worthy man.
 In The Eyes Of All Cultural Faith:
An Undoing Of A Soul Is Always Black.
Purity By Geo. E. Burks.
Eyes in, see thee,
Where red bleed truth from past impressions.
Eyes glee at the done identities,
That withstand to be and rooted as future artful reflections,
And an undoing of any soul is always the feared black.
Natural respites are from an orderly in-lieu
Done by a culture, meant for a race caring facts.
And always brought by an one that had to choose.
For an love of a visual expression that unmakes black.
For everybody knew that an unmade soul is the black.
Not from awed and strong lands' honed,
To mawed in there the eyes of faulty insights and hard fears.
That was heard before and soothe to harden a blue balance,
Foul versus black is always a cried crusade for all to clear,
For it is always an undoing of the soul is the only black.
For anyone's will, not led to love as a challenge
Is to all wills an solvable fear,
It is always a fear's ill versus a willed challenge.
Prevailing by past willed impressions.
For an undoing of an soul is the feared black.
The red always bleeds hints to be or mind,
As a wanton silent response to a visual hate.
The tilled becomings barred in are at hard eyes' times.
And the becoming of unionized irated race is an artistic fate.
For any undoing of a maturing soul faith is a political black.
With this cultural, generative returns surfacing on all faces
Especially rooted since before as the first challenge to an at ill,
For what others wills alone is black in all times of any origin rooted place.
For all wanton efforts placd are assured returning of love's artful colorful will;
And this is why the undoing of any soul wills' would always be the only black to fear.
George Eddie Burks


George Eddie Burks, International. Illinois US, 60409.