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George Eddie Burks

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(Excerpts from The Chapter "Good Waters," Of The Trilogy "Magic, The Gathering's: 'Desperate Ploys," Part I, "In Seconds" Written By Geo. E. Burks; Based On The Publication Series: Magic, The Gathering, Licensed by Wizards Of The Coast Publishing. VA. USA.)

Grandmother Sengir was in the back lawn area looking at the grounds in the noonday. The sun was unusually bright and the rays that did penetrate the overhead of the seeming overgrowth of the leafy vines from the top of the back fence to a few large bushes resembling small trees throughout the estate grounds which created bright reflecting and sparkling dots in the vast shadowy distinguishing features of the plot. The bright beams of light contrasting the normal grimly scene of the Sengir's castle rustic view favored a cheerful peaceful air for even the most spitful, harsh demeanors like that of Grandmother Sengir. She came to the back lawn of the acquired old castle grounds that her grandson's has made for their presiding oblivious to the strong tranquil meditative aura affecting all who relaxed in it's lightly warmed shadowy cape. The Sengir's elder found herself pondering on how she can help the Baron with his hints to be the legitimate lord of the land since he has already taken in the Dwarven Princess with promises of strengthening both the princess' kingdom and the Dwarven race around the castle area place with the many different races on Ulgrota.

The Princess, Irini was entertaining a different resort to gain such stronger rule but the Baron reluctance to relieve her ambitions applied by her enticing ploys to gain his approving grant meant the Baron wasn't moved by her eugenics designs. Grandmother Sengir was contemplating on this when she felt a surge of good health creating a small volume of hardiness around the body's vital points.

This surge was strong enough to cause direct conscientious' attentions from inside her bearings. The elder Sengir was about to shift her concentration by bringing up her family training pact to maintain the physical bearings inside the Sengir estate when she felt the results of the surge settled in the most sensitive points within the body.

The harridan nearly showing a smile whispering "Oh, no, maybe my grandson could proof an enticed into the princess!"

She carefully started recalling the names of the plants in the lawn while wandering around the yard, dismissing the idea; that by focusing on Ulgrota's fauna titles, there was a possibility that her hostess was posing a threat to the Sengir family's pact's which has enslaved and was controlling the body.

"That should have done something!" an adolescent-like voice magnified her senses to blend into and becoming drench with the smooth odor illuminating in the dark midst. Ravi relaxed as this, singing sadly:


This is good waters of my deep firm kind,

Upon my face, upon my land,

My land creates it's touch by our hands.

This is good waters of my deep firm kind,

In my hands yielding signs upon new seasons,

For our abundantly living creating these good reasons.

This is good waters of my deep firm kind.


The young soul was expecting to return to the conscience level after she hold the gathered essences into a hardened bearing within the body's internal systems, but found her attention diverted when she found herself dreaming of a battle where she sustained an injury from a lummox who immediately taken a ring from her finger and was reaching for the sword in one movement. She immediately willed herself to her feet and saw him reach thru her, finding herself as an intangible and invisible spirit to him.

Ravi then tried her psychic abilities on him and found herself looking at his army, in which she recognized immediately as an illusion. Ravi pulled for the land under him finding and rising blue mana and establishing an anchor by this flow, she reformed the energies into an illusion showing a clearer, more detailed rendition of his illusion. The illusion appeared to the thief distracting him from what he was attempting with his display. She then exposed the illusion as an illusion by gradually changing all the colors of the projection to a blue wall, her dark shade of blue and at the same time applied the illusion's light energy as a hardened pressure on his optic, olfactory, and ocular nerves systems that both blocked and shielded her from any more approaches he was using or could use with the projections and the light field while projecting her response to his picturesque offer "Whatever!"

This forced the thief to address her directly by loudly crying, "Out!! Find your spoils elsewhere, demoness!, Don't remain here and serve your own!"

Ravi realizing right then as she quickly recalled the time she was willing the body back up to fight with the sword and instead of fighting to save the ring, she pulled the mana she anchored to the fallen body and to started healing the injured victim's body feeling secure from the possibility that the thief could influence a complication to her life paths.

Ravi was watching the man examining the victim's ring and sword when another spirit rose from the body addressing her.

"I am surprised of you vixen, this body will need more than your wizardry to recover. Joined me today and let's conquer this other to find a new rule on Ulgrotha?" Ravi recognized the voice as the Ancient's General she fought during the war and slain. She knew right then that this was the time for her to choose to continue fighting for her own body thru this angel's or seek to reincarnate herself as another. The Ancient's spirit laughing perceiving her logic saying, "This angel has you fooled, that vampire and you both are under her notions. You liberated now thru her. We both are! Let's take this thief over and find our way back home? It is our destiny to live and die as Tolgath heroes not only as an aspect of an angelic warrior."

Ravi thinking fast reasoned her spiriting and she was going to spirit herself back to her last memory inside her natural body's conscience but first, she directed answer toward the Ancient, "That's my destiny I will decide and yours also!"

She was about to construct a psychic armor to truth her threat but another presence stagnated the blue mana flow coming from the land, topping thedesigns and catching her attention. As she peused around looking for the source; a new voice projected, "Pardon me, miss. I need that! And You, Ancient One, onward!! With your futile dreams, There's no more for your desires here in my wife's life!"

The Ancient's spirit look toward the body's higher planes as to engage the challenge as Ravi determining to strike a blow at her enemy in his afterlife quick tested the mana available in the body. It was pure concentrated white mana and it was quickly reverting to its natural state.

Ravi realizing the condition of the angel's body with the white mana spreading into the body's physical environment while reverting as serious. and after assessing the mana energy gave a thought of "sunlight enriched white mana honed and harvested in the most impressive formation that I, myself would have never imagine left to seethe freely instead of serving the body, exclusively?! This definitely isn't a woman of my image!" Ravi thoughts seem to induce the angel's sub-conscience to realigned her presence in the angel while maintaining her constructed formation of energies which she uses with most women who need assistant or strength. This realignment of the gathered white mana also compensated and support Ravi's blue energies that once all energies resettled the woman's heart which was pumping erratically weak suddenly steadied into a stronger rate.

With all of this energy movements, Ravi also received and perused the events leading to this battle thru the feminine conduit. It was a strong tragedy one that overcame her own stoical womanly persona. She respond with the now more stronger and more influential feminine guile demanding to know who done this, yet Ravi felt herself more centered by the more natural fierceness with the warriors' drives within the angel's body by querying more harshly by demanding; "Who would battle a warrior's spirit as if the passion to defend and assist was an insignificant feeling?!!"

The General sensing the anger in Ravi's spirit presenting as a physical self in the angel body left immediately by following the blue mana flow to exit and then entered into the thief bearings. The Ancient's was joined with more spirits as they left leaving an imbalance of a large amount of recessive mana volumes of black, green and red energies left from the vast subconsciences incoherent domains with him. This powerful domain in which most angels called therein or the wilderness and most wizards including the young Ravi called either ones' estate, the mind's states or the id, is found in everyone regardless of what planes one exist at.

The voice from the higher planes asked, "You, Tolgath, you are from their era where your wizard friends sought supreme rule over Ulgrotha. Why do you choose to suspend yourself here, in defense of one who resisted and guard against those ideas for your own race?" Ravi without hesitation, answered "Her designs favors all and I am one of them! As for those past ideas, I will always choose to defend against an aggressor as my kind of idealist to measure!!! I am the Ravisher of Ulgrotha but to my friends, I am known as Ravi of the Tolgath race and you are Feroz, I am proud to be of your presence by your choice. I know what I must do, excuse me," Then Ravi with no other projections recalled some words that the angel have been known to have said, then the angel's body suddenly filled with the smooth, thick essences from the castle garden.

Ravi thinking that the Admeadurota essences would at least assists the body's recovery. She then projected toward the higher plane, "Pardon my poor timing, sir and pardon this haste, Thank you." Feroz feeling the revitalizing energy of the Admeadurota plant thick airily vapors from its morning dew answering by projecting! "Poor? more of proper timing, Ravi of Ulgrotha and what haste? Your reward remains awaiting for you in the garden! You do remember the path from now? Or do you need my assistant, my long-time friend?"

Ravi suddenly felt another feeling with Feroz projections and it felt like a visit from a friend one haven't seen in a long time. She suddenly felt compelled to hum an old song she sang when she was younger and found herself been moved to her body, behind the old castle by the Dwarves' Mines. As soon as she became the conscience of her own bodily feelings; more now than before, especially since she began the journey for help from that locked room which led to her spiriting into the angel's, Serra, The Avenger, life.

She also was astounded by the strong surge of good health hardening in her physical self. Then she started thinking to herself. "That ravisher line I projected while I was dreaming. Was that who I became? Or tis who I going to become?" She then felt movement, it was her legs she took noticed of with the feeling of her weight been carried and she started feeling and settling with other felts with body's movements including her heart. Yet, her legs were more prominent every time her body started moving again, she concentrated and sensed the muscles flexing and exertions, She immediately pressed with this determination, by relaxing the strain into her intents and suddenly she found herself focusing on the plants in the garden with the determination to recalled their name and uses.

The vampiress conscience from the Sengir's conduit paused in thought as Ravi noticing her senses was momentarily been pushed with a contradicting bearing. Ravi reeled in deeper concentrations by maintaining abreast with her life's attempted to comprehend the subtle physical reformatting with every occurring change and the expected moments' passing within the manipulated environment. She kept on focusing on the legs movements while maintaining the awareness of her justifying by focusing on the objects in the physical environment around her body as well as the sensual feels the physical vicinity using the sensations to effect her negotiations and then her orientation moving around the garden. Ravi relaxed as all this for her essentials to bear, fortified and contained within.

The Grandmother Sengir conscience made a note of Ravi adjustments that resemble how Ravi felt when she identified and concluded a factor as too tenuous and a minor concern. Ravi became peeved at this knowing that the note was a reference to her genetic traits and instead of relaxing into her body's centering therein her sub-conscience mind estate she attempted to will a suggestive thinking training ploy on the vampiress' memory inducing spell.

Grandmother Sengir's consciences, who were trying to induce the names of the plants into a conscience range from the body's memories hasn't realized that it was her hostess who was drawing in the plants energies and spreading it's effects therein more inwardly with the vampire's efforts.

Finally, Grandmother Sengir fathomed on some points about the plant's effects as she mumbled out " is it really so?" The plant that is the source of this aura emitting above and low along the grounds really a fruit." The old woman then noticed she was standing in the deepest of the leafy mulch the vines provided with their dark green foliage." They have a flower that blossom rare and rarer is the fruit." She turned her head to glance at the back door of the castle, to check to see if anyone was watching or listening to her discovery spell. She was in a trance while pacing around the garden. She started talking, looking at her view as a Sengir's saying, "My Baron hopes for the princess' beauty to tie-in a promise of a rightful rule and place with the Tolgath heritage by a rightful vital, is what escalating the tiff with the lessers,"

She now looked at the garden seeing the flowers as they now became more noticeable around the plot and involuntarily start physical humming with the bodymind's sounds that was rejoicing not chanting inside with, "This is good waters from my deep firm kind, Upon my face, Upon my land, my land creates it's touch by my hands!"

The old woman then stopped humming and said softly, "And it's clear and heavy odorless aroma is ravishingly intoxicating!" as the aged body stooped and bend down to look at the water-swell plants' flowery textured, coated thick, malleable and mushy-like fruit closer. As soon as she touched it she felt the physical body's vital points filled with a cooling sensation that relieved the entire body of weightlessness and a dense tightness against her skeletal frame by releasing the muscles to once again to feel the burden of carrying one's own weight. This startled her causing her to released the flowery fruit and the plant fell and touched the ground. She visually witnessed the handful of the small plant dried quickly and seeing this, she suddenly reached down to grabbed the flowery fruit from the top of the lawn, taking the plants into her hands again. She felt the soft flowery texture became like layers of a dry flat twig that were overly ready to slide not peeled apart from one another and now has a feeling of a long ago a small portion of a branch fallen from its extended outgrowth.

Standing as she picked up the flower to examine closer, noticing the plant has become lighter, holding the moist and excitement no more as she sensed the last of the exciting energy dissipate in the fruit.

She mumbled in a near-silent voice " I see, it is a rarity, a sensitive and fragile natural elixir working internally when giving by touch." The elder looking around the yard, seeing the plants with a more familiar recognition blurted louder and clearer, "Oh, They blooming fast and falling! I must collect them before the end of the flowering stage." The aged body start wandering around the yard, moving in a quick, determine pace catching the waterswell thicked bud flowering plant of Ulgrotha before it turned downward and touch the soil.

Ravi, sensing all this, knew the sun beams was creating a rush from the rare touch stage of the waterspout flower and knowing the bud of the Tolgath's flower was freshly extending upward from the soil carrying a full charge of eudicadarotagulas', who's pollen's dust or essences of the flower is known as admeadurota essence which is what this essence is more popular known as, when kept warm and only touched by natural material bases while in a mixture of natural only ingredients and taken immediately with no contact of any non-organic object would sharpen your reflexes and help you focus more control, creativeness, sensual and psychic abilities with the advanced and high level of bodily functions and understandings.

Her elderly body was reveling in this feeling for she can felt the body's vitality factoring points surging a joy as an indicator that she might become a stronger force like the Baron.

As she thought this, her voice slowed as the vampiress regathered control saying in clearer, low voice "And that was this hostess that was revelling with this idea." as the vampiress' Grandmother Sengir felt that she was no longer in control of the body as the hostess conscience bearings chased this plants' stage in haste by appearances. It was Ravi in control using the plants in this delicate stage that lasted on the stem about three to ten minutes during certain weather circumstances.

The plants main purpose is to protect the soil by creating a blanket or a mulch covering with its leaves which sealed nutrients and energizes the soil to produce hard to grow shady area vegetation while producing strong and amplifying green, blue and black energies.

The aged woman was happily collecting a good handful when Ravi felt the Sengir Family pact, regathering her body. She quickly relaxed as the energy surge as her victory and was about to retreat by entering into one of her sub-conscience states like she does when she regained and fed her presence for a duration. Yet, this time, she found herself thinking and becoming more abruptly complicated decisive by the rendered, transposed and reinforcement her body had received with every forthcoming thought until she felt strong enough to lift and direct herself on the path towards her home's higher conscience's planes. Somewhere in her mind, a notion overcame her experienced reasoning with an idea that this time there was a coincidental inference occurring. Ravi recognizing what she felt and knew this feeling was from her own experienced sums as she felt confident to look toward the higher place and start hysterically pleading and sobbing a praying.

The inner Sengir family pact which was trying to correct Grandmother Sengir conducting and dominating image inside Ravi's conscienceness yet silently found that the vessel's hostess successfully taken and refined many of the inner-conscience's points. The vampire's conduit started to reach and draw from the Baron's body directly, to Ravi's body but a sad feeling overwhelmed the being at all three levels of existence. Grandmother Sengir who is at the majority of the time a private, observant and sudden person, first felt then realized that the body's focused statues and conduits were clearly regaining control as the entire body stop moving and stood firmly erected. Ravi's expressive facial muscles obviously were involuntarily not intentional adjusting and struggling to reflect the sorrow yet the expression held hidden. All of this happening under a hardened, wrinkled face yet unnoticed at any glance were a few redefining changes to the facial texture. With all these physical changes happening; the Grandmother Sengir attending conduct, at first, were steadfast yet became surprisingly and suddenly frightened thing as a tears began flowing down the cheeks on the aged skin.

The dominating elder Sengir's influences within Ravi's vessel, who couldn't ignore the involuntary body motions that were felt throughout the body whispered, "That was the first resemblance of a good yawning stretch that I can remember, if that what it was."

The vampiress suddenly regained focus and found herself staring at the waterspout plants in the hands' palms; helpless to drop them again. The Sengir's influence adjusted its charge within by concentrating to maintained the bodily's facilities as at least a resisting bearing while Ravi's mind's estate pressed on with the focusing on rediscovering the body's entire being.

"Ma'am, it just occurred!" Serra looked up at the gargoyle cleric then saw the note of a serious nature was there. Serra then brought the cleric into her study and accepted the noted urgency shown in the gargoyle's face.

Serra realigning herself joined the projection using her her own psychic abilities. The gargoyle continued with her own psychic projections while continuing addressing Serra, "As you instructed I traveled the Sengir connect-ness at the castle as a carrier, back in time, hiding in and using the excessive black mana as a masking mass of my own energies resembling an another wandering shadowy motion living within his flocks. I'd kept to their roots and rising on all drawing instances with the inside child."

The angel responded by communicating as a psychic entity asked, "When and Where."

The gargoyle moving back within his own mind estate and flowed to and into the human population's incoherent conscienceness' connectness with Serra drawing in and using the found recycled natural light to pull herself along the gargoyle's signaling, towing her where ever the signal's source flowed until they stop.

The gargoyle paused to make an adjustment to create a static flux next to an active displacement well which was caused by what Serra recognized immediately as a near-solid admeadurota essence's mass. The mass was what Serra instructed all the clerics to be alert for in the population. Serra's body at her sanctuary reacted sensing this find by smiling as tears of joy overcame her.

"This is where my hero went to!!" The gargolye projected to her thru her psychic entity. "Careful, we are been pushed with the Sengir's pact. Once we are lifted into this vessel, the vampiric conduits are of a sensitive nature and highly influential." Serra moved her psychic entity to engaged the projection that the gargoyle's was using for signaling and in her office, she physically signaled the gargoyle body standing next to her body, by making a snarling sound and using her hands to form a grappling claw showing grasping movement. The gargoyles as highly intelligent as they are, they do have a reputation for downplaying the humourous advances and approaches they received directly to them.

The cleric looked to his angelic liege first confused then the expression change to one relaying that the tactic was understood, As soon as Serra saw the confirmation of her instructions the angel's psychic entity therein the population's consciences mass to an isolated portion she sensed near the Sengir estate's main conduit as the cleric start absorbing of Serra's white mana based psychic energies. They both were adjusting to one another while there weight were pulled in by the foul vampiric's natural character yet the contrasting resources forced Serra and the Gargoyle to turn, altering their paths as rising surges inside the vampiric pact.

Serra psychically then attached her conduit to the gargoyle cleric's by creating a vibrational projection with the sound wavelengths of "err-oll" which mimicked the last syllables the gargoyle projected message to her before riding with the rising energy motions. This brought her into a temporary union with the gargoyle's mind as rote motions within a vessel which were sheltering the memory of first feeling the admeadurota essences' and the life energies they were tracking.

Serra then adjusted them again and this time as one moving mass to a falling position next to one the stronger points of that vessel's higher planes yet below where the mass of black mana had risen above the vessel's life energies. Serra had to make another adjustment to resettled their position so they can use the admeadurota essences to escape in time from been swallowed up by the black mana mass at presence.

She then exerted more strength to concentrated her psychic energies to start to draw any energies that weren't excited by the admeadurota essences. The gargoyle sensing all this occurring shown on her physical facial's expression at the sanctuary; a gesture of alarm while maintaining her silent integrity but even as Serra saw the protest she continued her workings by shifting to blend what ununiformed mana moving among the field of mana masses; changing them into a different configuration which she would shift and suddenly revealed as an incorporate conduit of a partial developed white mana base platform. The female gargoyle looked surprised by the size of the white mana she suddenly sensed therein and immediately moved both Serra's and her focused mass onto the concentrated platform.

As the cleric made contacted with the platform energies, a bonded formed around their own white mana energies that revert the platform into a shell-like aura around them as well as pulled and forced them into a position in which they perceived a terrified girl in faugh attempting to push aside a god-like force from in front of her.

The young girl was hysterically pleading into what would have been the Ulgrotha's higher planes for the Togath race instead it was this foreigner who has closed her in his higher region's planes. Serra thinking fast, moving with every thought she formed, adjusted her senses to perceive, received and channeled the girl's pleads thru her own conduits she developed for the Ulgrotha's natives in her own natural body at her sanctuary. She has always used this connection as an attending conduct toward all the natives of Ulgrotha with a manner as hidden bearings behind a notion that the most, best blessings are the mysterious ones.

Serra shifted and converted the bear into pure energies and refocus the now over-bearing conduit across all of Ulgrotha's Greaters' higher planes. She aligned and placed the girl's engagement at that level on their higher plane that only those with resounded support of an exceptional source or with the others' having refined sorceries can aloof themselves to. The girl was effectively converting the admeadurota essences into a strong gigantic strength, reclaiming herself and her body from a misappropriation of her sire capacity from among her race.

The desperate adolescent was projecting, "How can you just watch this, God Of The Sengir? I hope, I pray, I wish, my great teacher, can hear me crying, cowering and begging against your designs. I know he will down you. Hear me O'God Of Mercy, who do hear my life and sustaining I, let the great ones of Ulgrotha here ye or the planeswalker Feroz hear this plea. He will come, him with the angel, Serra, to downed these vampires and then downed the God Of The Sengir."

The girl absorbed more admeadurota essences into her physical body and her soul while singing,


"This is good waters of my deep firm kind...'


The gargoyle's physical body adjusted both Serra and herself to the proper timing and era while looking at the avenger's face. Serra looked to the cleric giving a concern note on the seriousness of the nature of what is therein the aged serf in the Sengir's ranks at the castle by the Dwarven's Mines.

Serra confirmed an excellently done gratitude in a gesture and started looking around her study physically showing the urgency of the important message while gathering herself in one continuous motion.

She then looked upward and said loudly, "Ah, a wish from a tear!" Serra's eyes start to release a flow of tears upon her face, herself. After she perused this for a couple of minutes she turned and looked at the gargoyle again, standing by her desk. She asked, "Was that the Ravisher Of Ulgrotha, who placed the apocalyptic settings on her own people?"

The gargoyle looking at her while concentrating on her thoughts for a moment then answered, "It was the prayer of a trapped innocent and yes, ma'am, her wish has been long sought!!"

Serra adjusted herself again while peering at the guardian's report. The angel had difficulty restraining any more expressions and suddenly with a suppressed laughter behind the brighten and delighted warrior's spoken expression, Serra said loudly, "Grant her wish, Grant Ravi her wish!!"

Serra then walked under her study's sky entrance of her main sanctuary study wing, looking up into the skies. She stared at the skies for a few moments then looked back to the gargoyle, this time, she was more than obviously suppressing laughter while smiling with her own approving gesture for the gargoyle. She then said, "Yes, grant Ravi her wish and put my compliment into the wish with assuring blessing from you, your charge and her's, eh, our's refounded hope and with good speed." She then regathered herself followed by confirming and excusing herself with one gracious turn as she walked toward the other door of her study. The gargoyle guardian then took to the air with her wings carrying her effortlessly thru the sky's doors.

End Of Chapter?

(The following excerpts are from a draft in a project I'm composing based on the history of the Eastern Roman Empire's area of Bythnia and their capital city of Constantinople with the region of Aorsi-Legae during the times right before the Hun Invasions titled "The Love For Our Mother,®" by Geo. E. Burks, 2009.)

Nicene's Sign Of Truth.

Purity by Geo. E. Burks

Tis we alone in the light thy stay guards.

And all other's marks for wit and shed, be undued.

Lest therein thou sheltered's mother heart,

Dwells a trusting fair, blest by thy entitled dues.

That mastered all fears within all known arts,

With stays measured as you be tis your only true.


For more information click on following link:

The Love Of The Mother Background Information.

Justing A Vivid Hot Mantle
Prose by Geo. E. Burks

"Don't, draw that picture, Michelangelo. Just don't" The priest said, "But it’s the exact feeling I saw and trying to express" Michelangelo response.
The priest was determined to get the young genius to understand discipline and appropriateness as the same state of mind said. "Yesterday, Anthony and Pap was at the market both wearing their school uniforms and both were shopping alone when three other students from the same school, wearing their uniforms, entered the market area from the other side of the centre starting trouble. The three escaped and one of the merchants grabbed Anthony by force.
Anthony struck the merchant hard for the appropriating causing bodily harm to him.
Another merchant saw Pap on the side but did not see Anthony and grabbed Pap. Pap demand to know what going on and the second merchant said, "I saw you and your friend start trouble and you going to jail."
Pap said, "that wasn't me. You are making a big mistake! The second merchant said, "maybe I am, but I have you and that's good enough."
The second merchant grabbed Pap and took him to where the trouble was. All the time they were walking to the place where all the trouble started, the crowd was saying to one another and to Pap and the merchant, "You caught one." Another said, "It’s Pap! He was one of them."
The crowd started shouting and screaming after that, saying, "It's Pap! He's a trouble-maker." Another voice said, "Pap, you better never come near my family!"
Then more people the crowd started shouting at Pap saying, "Pap, you a bad man, don't ever come near my sons."
"Pap, I want your cart, now I don't trust you to pay your debt to me."
"Pap, you will never work with us again."
The second merchant brought Pap to the merchant that cried the alarm. This third merchant saw the school uniform then Pap face and said, "That is not the one, release him and help our friend over there.”
”C'mon" he said as both merchants ran to help the first merchant leaving Pap alone with the near mob behind him.
Anthony had subdued two more merchants and a couple of men from the crowd when the merchant who sound the alarm came up to him.
The third merchant saw the school uniform and then saw in Anthony face first then what he could do as he viewed his friends around him on the ground.
The third merchant cried, "Stop! This one isn't the one of those who started the trouble, please, Anthony, sir. Forgive my friends, to them they were helping me and were not wrong by their poor judgment. Please, fair sir, forgive."
Anthony brush off the dust on his clothes and straighten his clothes and spitted on the third merchant saying to all of the merchants, "Don't ever addressed me with such an insult again or you will find me unforgiving.”
Anthony left without looking back while someone cried for help. It was Pap. The crowd has beaten him up and left him on the ground by the place where the trouble was.
The priest looked at Michelangelo and said, "Do you see why you never paint that kind of picture that way. You should just paint showing how the hot mantle was strike and the cause that heated it up. It is clearer and appropriate showing only the just vivid forms only.
Geo. E. Burks

To Those Of The American Music Association Who Are Always There Thoughout My Life With What I Really Need. Please, Allow This Poise From My Pure Essential Life's As Being Convey Why I Had Always Appreciating What You Do.   

11/13/08, Orlando, Fla. (Revised 01/25/09)

Thank You For Letting Us Know We Aren't Alone Feeling.

Purity By Geo. E. Burks

You, songbirds' sweet touch wells life anew.

In my mind, you can redefine love's steadiness, too.

Find anymore love forms in my kudo?

To do me better with that form again as true.

Tears I hid well, You shame me there, too.

As my culture's most high, and there I praise you.

Don't let me, let this fail, for what I do!
For the failures will always have me alone to show as dues.

This I can placed when my balance is made anew.

Our heart's strong commonarities impressed as art by you.

Thank You, for never allowing the thesis we be as a neglect for dues.

As a world under one sun, our skys resounds by the harvest of our common felt lieus.

Always true as of our natural capacity for refining what we crude.

For these refineries we grew to be the reforms our uniqueness as infinitive new!! 

Consistently since we first noticed of you songbirds' justifying and maturing my living life moods.  

With your airborne felt flights of everlasting passages thru and above my estate's refuges. 

You are very much of my earth's evolving sustances arising reinforcing my humanly soul true.

With signals liberating the whole spirit from points within that are uninformed subdued.

To reproof us as an always and again as we love and this is why I will evermore always love you.

Thank you for the sheltering and nurturing of our distinct hearts' life-giving cultural rooted muses 

Your love and honor does enriches my country's symbolic blues!!

With evermore XOX(S) THANK YOU!!! smile 

From A Fan Who Happily Dwelling In Your Snafus Named George.





A Response To The Concerns Expressed About The "MTG's Desperate Ploys'" Drafts Found On This Wedsite.

My apologies, I must find a way to convene that the Magic, The Gathering's writings are only drafts. They were written to pass the time spent in cafes, riding buses and trains or just waiting at a bus depot or converting spent time to quality time.

They aren't in any formal structure because I rather write out a story completely before I commit any chapter into a proof version. Writing a proof version is a long editing and tedious process for this story because of the lenght and the many different characters' adventures leading (or reacting) to one single event. I always find myself continuously make adjustments and changes as I write or rewrite them in order to maintain a consistency with all the drafts that I had written for this trilogy.

Trust me when I said that the proof version can't happened anyhow until I've settled the contents' questions that are lingering everytime I work on the story's pace, character's interactions and character's developings.

The draft versions will keep on coming in postings here and there (Especially the MTG: Forums) until I feel assured on what I am attempting as a worthy commitment for a professional writer. Yet, until I find helpful suggestions and comments on these previous mentioned subjects and points I will never prioritize proof-editing the story.

The main reason I had chosen to continue sharing the drafts because I written them in an educational as well as an entertaining manner and the joys I do believe this story brings to a reader is worth their time for reading them and my efforts in sharing them.

I also feel the drafts I've presented will always be "at best," when presented as they are, in their developing form, so any future changes made to satisfised a trend or format doesn't deguised any messages or subtle respects that were applied inside the subplots.

The main reasons for posting them as they are is to find comments and suggestions on the contents and character developments. This is important especially for sequel works where the settings and characters had already achieved some popularity and reviews.

Thank you to all of you for pointing out the carry-on sentences and the other structural problems anyway.

Geo. E. Burks.

George Eddie Burks, International. Illinois US, 60409.